Tips for Young Fathers

Apparently I’m young. Well I feel young, everyone says I am, even Discovery, so perhaps I should own it. 

I become a very young father. I was 23 when the twins were born and what a daunting responsibility that was. At 27 the youngest of my kids followed.

What would I say to young fathers? This is a life time commitment! There is no backing out there is no re-do. You will not know everything and there is no manual. You need to adapt and learn quickly. Your children people solely depend on you. 

I have been thinking of that there would be something profound to say, something to last for the ages as a peace of advice to you g fathers: truth is, there isn’t. Your role is simply to love your children unconditionally, to guide them through life and support them. 

This my sound simplistic and perhaps that is what we need to do stop stressing and get the basics right, listen your children, spend time with them, attend school plays, parent teacher meetings, sports games, help them explore the world and so on and so forth. At t he end of the day that is what it is about, shown up consistently, be present, supportive and reassuring. 

A young father