Jaguar F-PACE SVR – 5 fast facts

Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful SUV is so much more than just an F-PACE with a V8 Supercharged engine under the bonnet. Every aspect of the F-PACE SVR has been tweaked and tuned to enhance performance for maximum driver reward in all conditions.

Here’s a list of five items which allow this special vehicle to live up to the promise of both the F-PACE and SVR names:

Aero Is Everything

Aside from the very visible aerodynamic additions including extraction vents finished in Technical Grey on the bonnet and front fenders, the F-PACE SVR also features some hidden items to help air flow more efficiently at high speed.

Just behind all four wheels, at the bottom of the vehicle in the sills and rear bumper, are shark gill-like extractors which duct turbulent air out of the wheel housings. Managing air flow at speeds above 200km/h is crucial to a high performance vehicle’s stability, cooling and slipperiness through the air.

Slow The Go

As any racing driver will tell you, “the go is nothing without the slow”. Brakes are every bit as important as engine power on the track or on the street to help shed incredibly high speeds safely. Behind the F-PACE SVR’s 21- and optional 22-inch alloy wheels are uprated brakes with two-piece discs enlarged to 395mm in the front and 396mm in the rear. These enable the SUV to decelerate as impressively as it accelerates.

Stay Put

With uprated dampers, stiffened spring rates and stronger anti-roll bars contributing to outstanding cornering abilities, it’s vital that a driver and passengers are kept in place by supportive seat designs.

The F-PACE SVR is equipped with slimline performance seats shaped to provide enhanced lateral support at the front, and the design is echoed at the back to keep rear passengers in securely in place as well. All seats feature signature diamond-shaped lozenge quilting with precision perforations and contrast stitching, as well as embossed SVR logos on all four headrests.

The Growl

A charismatic soundtrack is a requisite for any SVR and the F-PACE certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department. Its V8 Supercharged engine breathes through a Variable Valve Active Exhaust System with four stainless steel tips existing through the rear bumper. The signature roar comes courtesy of reduced backpressure and increased gas flow, and to top it off the full system is 6.6kg lighter than that of a standard F-PACE SUV.


Like the flagship F-TYPE sports car which inspires it, the F-PACE SVR also gets its power from a thumping 5.0-litre V8 Supercharged engine. With 405kW at its disposal the SUV dismisses 100km/h in an astonishing 4.3 seconds and can romp to a top speed of 283km/h.

A twin Vortex supercharger nestled in the engine’s vee feeds boost into eight cylinder chambers to produce a hefty 680Nm of maximum torque, which is driven through an 8-speed Quickshift automatic transmission and finally to all four wheels.

The F-PACE SVR is available in South Africa now with prices starting from R1,552,500 including Jaguar’s standard 5 year/100,000km maintenance plan and warranty.