The Allure Private Lounge. Nedbank International Polo.

September not only signals the beginning of Spring, and a much-needed reprieve from the horror that is Winter, it also means that outdoor social events are back in full swing. This past Saturday the 14th happened to have been an eternal favourite -The Nedbank International Polo at Inanda Club in Sandton. This year’s event saw Nedbank championing a #NewNobility at the sport of kings.

We were hosted by the Allure in a spectacular marquee that saw them collaborating with Heineken. I was a bit apprehensive at first, having been a huge polo fan over the last ten years, my favourite setting to watch the royal sport is in the actual Polo Room balcony, but I was delightfully surprised. The Allure Private Lounge absolutely lived up to its definition – the room was powerfully fascinating, with a spectacular mix of the most beautiful Jo’burgers, music as well as good food and drinks, the formula was an astounding success.

As we arrived, we were greeted by elegantly dressed hostesses (I’m enjoying the evolution of alcohol brands dressing their hostesses decently) who ushered us into the tastefully done up lounge. Comfortable and sufficient seating is one of the hallmarks of a great event and Aluregot it spot on, the inside and outside areas were magnificent. Waitrons were at our beck and call throughout the day serving us a variety of drinks as well as unique beer cocktails tastefully done by Heineken.

The actual polo match, horseback mounted team sport of four players on each side, which saw the South African national team compete against New Zealand for the seventh time, in a rivalry dating back to 1972. As the final whistle blew, South Africa had 10 points to New Zealand’s 5. A quick aside on the origins of polo, a sport associated with royalty, actually saw its origins in Central Asia in Persia (present-day Iran) around 6th century BC. It was initially a training game for cavalry units and later evolved to a sport played extensively by the nobility, thus the term “Sport of Kings”. It was only in 1859 that the British were actually first introduced to the sport when tea planters saw Indian nationals playing.

Back to present day, Nedbank, as the headline sponsor, cleverly themed the day #NewNobility, a delightful play on the sports origins but also their way of saying that they not only “see money differently” but also that they see what being a part of the upper echelons of society has now evolved and accessibility and inclusivity is the way to go.

Allure Private Lounge themed their marquee “Green with Envy” and guests absolutely lived up to the theme. It was a fantastic day of celebrities, “it” girls and boys, influencers, business people and socialites enjoying what #NewNobility is. We definitely look forward to the next year’s instalment of the wonderful game of polo as well as what Allure will do as far as hosting is concerned.

Writer: Palesa Motau           Cover Image: Mpumelelo Macu