Versace Eros Flame For Men

Brands like Versace remind you that everything starts small, everything starts with a bit of faith in yourself as a man. The ability to focus on your passion and make it something that everyone can be part of or celebrate. I marvel at companies that have done amazingly well for themselves in a short period of time, that young compared to other companies within the luxury fashion companies.

There is nothing better than smelling good as a man when you go out or even when you are at the office, but not every fragrance is for you. Every fragrance has a different personality similar to cars; not every car in a certain brand will speak to you. There is something bold, passionate and confident about the new Versace Eros Flame, it’s for a man who is deeply in touch with what is happening around him from emotions, travel, politics and general lifestyle.


This is for the Marvin man who is open to important conversations and understands the power of diversity and inclusion. He dresses well for formal and leisure at the same time he needs to always smell good, it’s good for self-confidence. You can definitely smell the lemon, pepper, and rosemary. Also what I love is the packaging of the Versace Eros Flame, the shape of the bottle as well. We are thinking of doing the unboxing of the Versace Eros Flame later and also do a giveaway of this fragrance to the Marvin audience.