Mercedes Benz Dealership: 92 Rivonia

Sandton has changed so much in the last few years. If you were raised in Alexandra you would have a different relationship with Sandton, normally your first encounter with Sandton is getting off a taxi where the Gautrain station is now, it used to be a huge abandoned parking lot where you get off from the taxi to take a long walk to the entrance. I remember we used to have hip hop gigs at the Sandown library when YFM and rap activity jam was a thing. During exam times, Sandton library was the only place where you could study for upcoming exams. Sandton was the mall that we went to meet girls because it was the closest mall to Alexandra and we have seen Sandton morph into what it is today, obviously in different stages as well.

Also if you a familiar with Sandton, you will know of the Sundowns Mother Dealership down Rivonia, it’s iconic and you also use it as a landmark when trying to explain the location to someone. So when we got invited to the launch of the new dealership – 92 Rivonia we were excited about the Mercedes Benz dealership. This side of Sandton looks so luxurious and oozes opulence, it’s so sexy and so necessary as well. In the last couple of years, that side of the world has evolved so much, many people wouldn’t remember what was there before and all the buildings are beautifully designed.

At the Mercedes Benz 92 Rivonia launch, we were introduced to different floors and all the Mercedes Benz models that are available in South Africa currently, I was happy to see the S-Class Maybach –  it’s such a great car to marvel over. I believe that dealership makes sense for that area because let’s be honest, Sandton is central and it’s the most expensive square mile in Africa so it only made sense why it needs to be on one of the busiest roads on Sandton which is Rivonia road. When you get a chance visit the new dealership.