That Thing You Want To Start is Not Scary

How do you know when you will be ready to start that thing you think you can’t do? Do things badly. It is ok, that’s how you start. When you start, expect to do things worse because you are stupid when you start anything, you lack information – you will realize that in your stumbling you will learn something new with every failure. You will learn that the world is information because it is filled with information, then you will absorb that information as you go. That information will get inside of you and help you to form a new form of you. Then you will be informed. Then you will be IN FORMATION. That’s WHEN YOU ARE READY. By that time you would have ALREADY formed a non-form from inside your head into a form you can touch, a reality, a new form of you. You have DONE IT! YOU FORMED IT.

That thing you want to start is not scary. It’s not the source of your fear. Fear comes from not knowing how it will go, will you fail or make it? Your ego that time is busy intimidating you, telling you ’bazothini abantu if you fail’, your mind is lying and telling you that you will waste energy if you try and fail. If you are in a forest and there is a rustle in the bushes, fear will grip you. It could be a cute bunny or a lion. You won’t know if you don’t look, you will be paralyzed by fear until you look. When you do you will know to run or relax. JUST LOOK! Try. Start. Remember in high school how you went into the exam room whether you were confident or not? You still went in to write. Look at you now, it’s all behind you. Do the same with life, go in to write the damn exam. Pass or fail… You will learn something.

Writer: Banele Rewo