Letter To Neo Enhle Mautloa

Every girl needs her Dad, no matter her age. This is the man that helps guide her in life. The man that teaches her how to stand up for herself. The man that tells her she can do anything. The man that empowers her.

I know I’ll probably be your number one fan. I know you may not always say thank you for coming, but I know you will look for me at every soccer game while you’re on the sidelines. Your probably not the next Vincent Van Gogh, but on the days that you wait all day to show me your drawing of me so I can hang it on the fridge. I promise every day to remind you that you can be and do anything. To tell you that you can achieve anything that a man can do. You can be CEO, you can be a doctor, you can be an artist, you can be President of South Africa.

To the best that I can, I will offer you my guidance, especially when you come to a crossroads in your life. Every girl needs a daddy to convince granny, aunty, or well even, uhmmm mommy when she wants to have a sleepover or move across the country for college. I’m not a big talker, but I’ll try my best to talk to you. I may not be BFF but ill try best to share your opinion. I’m your backup when no one wants to budge. I’ll help you decide what’s right and wrong. When you struggle with the toughest life choices don’t worry I won’t tell you what to do, I’d rather help guide you in making the best decision for yourself.

I promise to be the best presence in your life. To take you outside to practice before your big game. Go on daddy-daughter bike rides to get ice cream on the warm summer days. Drive around that parking lot until you learn how to drive. To take you to varsity (and try not to embarrass you in front of the cute varsity boys). Walk you down the aisle on the most important day of your life (and try not to embarrass you in front of your future husband).

To tell you how proud I am of you every day. But that’s not enough. There are going to be times when we are both disappointed in our actions, but I’ll always try my best to let you know that in order to grow we sometimes make mistakes. Neo, know that everything can be fixed, that you can do better. I will believe in your dreams in the same way that you believe in them. And when you don’t believe in them, I’ll be there to reassure you of them. I promise to always even on my worst day try to lift your spirits when your down. I’ve cherished every moment of your almost 3yr old life, I promise to celebrate your little achievements as much as I celebrate the big ones. I’ll forever be your forever, day one and biggest cheerleader.

Let’s tear the mall up, let’s go on adventures. My Neo I know you might not be able to show off to the boys if I don’t show know how to compete with them. Let me show you how to change your tyre. Let’s go on weekend camping trips. Let me show you how to change your own oil. Let me teach you everything I know. You might thank you later, even if you don’t, these are the things I want to impart on you.

Unconditional love. Can I tuck you in at night and tell you that I love you? Compliment you whether you’re looking your best or worst. I now know that even on those bad days, those FML days, the days where you want to hide yourself from the world, I know that my hug will do the trick.

The last thing my Neos, know that I love you. Simply put.

Writer: Kgomotso Mautloa