Men’s Health Menswear Collection: Polo

The past few weeks have been a busy time for me with plenty of traveling and I need to rest a bit because it’s that time of the year where fatigue is trending. Only realizing now that I’ve been on the road for the better part of the last month or so and when the people of Polo called me about me the Men’s Health Annual Menswear Collection, I was doing the BMW x4 media launch in Durban. From Durban it was doing the Total media launch at the Kruger National Park then back home for some rest.

What I have learnt about my travels is that how you look is important and it makes you or breaks you over time. While I was in New York I was dressed by a designer and it felt good to be in good clothes. I can safely say that I appreciate clothes that fit well and also sit well on my broad shoulders.

Now back to Joburg, I attended the Men’s Health Menswear Collection in Newtown. The event showcased this summer’s hottest men’s fashion trends from some of the most popular South African and international fashion brands, providing a world-class platform to showcase some of the latest collections from several menswear ranges. Launched in 2007, Menswear Collection has cemented its presence as one of the must-attend events on the fashion calendar – with celebrities, stylists, local fashion icons, trendsetters and VIP guests, all gathering under one roof to watch South Africa’s leading fashion brands on the runway.

The people of Polo offered to dress me for the evening from head to toe and I decided to go to the Sandton store, seeing as it’s closer to home. As I arrived they knew who I was and said I could choose my outfit, I looked at the suits section and there was particular blue suit that caught my eye and obviously I had to get the white shirt that goes with it. I picked the men’s classic custom fit suit, which stood out for me and the material is so light and you can tell its good quality. I have about four white shirts and the only one that fitted me well was from Country Road because it caters for my shoulders.

I have found a new favorite and I will be wearing this shirt a lot so please forgive me. It’s a slim fitted shirt, when I put it on it was like it was just waiting for me all this time, I haven’t been this happy about a shirt in a long time. I even picked some pink socks as well to represent my Tsonga people. The Trevor knitted tie was all I needed to complete the look for the evening, I must say it was a first for me owning a knitted tie. Last but not least I picked up the men’s formal seam lace up card brown shoes for the night, also added a white lapel pin to finish off the look. I also got to keep the clothes which is bonus for me. 🙂

I took one look at myself and everything was good except my hair, so I had to rush to Legends barbershop to get a haircut to complete the look. I attended the event with the fashionista Mthobisi Dladla who also contributes for Marvin. When we arrived, everyone who is everyone was there, I also bumped into a couple of friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time. Eventually we got the show started and we got to see what other fashion houses had to offer with regards to menswear, what I liked about the Polo show was the summer look – there were shorts that I need to get. As a guest of Polo South African I got to sit in the front row and I must say it’s really nice to be sitting there, you feel important. What I have realized though, is that there aren’t many things worth exploring with regards to mens fashion in terms of ready to wear clothes.I also I liked what Anthony Morato had to offer as well.