The Spring Season Guideline for The Marvin Man

With the heavy chills of winter behind us and our hot water bottles and electric blankets tucked at the back of our wardrobes until next year, it is time for a new season, yes my dear friend you have survived another winter and are now staring spring slap bang in the face. Other than being known for music festivals and household chores, spring is also known for being windy and for its killer fashion looks. In this article I @Rouxbe_Swav , your trusted fashion style hook-up, will give you some fashion tips that are guaranteed to turn heads this spring.

Season Signature Items

Chelsea boots have been trending and are seemingly not going anywhere thanks to the fashion elites such as Harry Style. So get yourself a pair because they work well both in suiting up or even dressing down with a pair of denims. These can be worn with colorful and vibrant socks like @Skinnysbusocks, @Maxhosa, and @Cupofsox, which all come in assorted designs and colors and have revolutionized the socks game, bringing a fun and lighthearted aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. If you are of a more reserved nature in terms of color, one way to give your dress sense character is with plain color socks (yellow, maroon, dark green or purple).

A Trench Coat is highly essential during this season, apart from keeping the wind at bay it also can add a stylish killer touch to any outfit.

A scarf goes a long way in this season, be it printed or plain however longer Silk scarfs work best for the silhouette because they add dimension.

A lot of us are accustomed to slim fit pants/jeans now, sadly with new trends comes change and now the relaxed fit is back in, thanks to Gstar RAW and LV (well Virgil & OFF WHITE). Be aware not to look like you got a hand me down from the 50’s though, I advise carrot cut tapering for any body type with this trend.

Denim on Denim is a great escape for the weekend or nights outs as it poses as stylish and not so over the top.
NB: It works better on bearded guys.

In terms of eyewear aka shades, every guy needs three good pairs, just don’t wear them at night please! Allow our rappers to shine.
For a round face –wayfarers, a square face -aviators, oval sunglasses, round sunglasses and wrap-around sunglasses, as well as Diamond face -club master are all good options each depending on your facial structure and will complement you very well.

Final Spring Tips

  • Although spring is known as the season of color, do yourself a favor and avoid color blocking.
  • Avoid pairing bright colors together. Wear lighter colors closer to your skin tone unless it’s an organized ensemble.
  • Washed out colors are on -trend this season. There is art in pairing a light washed out army green knit with a nice linen off white pair of trousers or shorts. This works well on darker skin.
  • If you are lighter in skin tone (yellow bone) you can pair washed out colors with
    darker shades to give it that look of contrast.
  • Marvin turns Pablo. Cuban, floral, MADIBA or even camp collar shirts, however you describe them are most definitely it this season!!! They can be a bit over the top in print however, fuse and pair them with subtle tones or a single bright color on the pants and plain white sneakers.
  • To avoid looking bland, play with tonal colors such as grey on grey (trick here is to mix monochrome using different fabrics and textures) this will give your look direction.

So guys all in all let’s enjoy spring, play around with different looks and begin the countdown to summer.


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Written by Reuben Modiba

Reuben Modiba is the Head stylist @Csquared Mall of Africa, celebrity stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe auditor. Reuben is also part of the creative team behind @Rubiano101 (Custom shirts). He has styled commercially on various adverts.