Guilia, Oh Guilia What A Legendary Weekend

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the design and I believe that design rules the world – because I believe that people like beautifully designed things. Many people don’t understand design or even the elements that contribute towards a beautifully designed object. I learn at tertiary that it takes the eye roughly less than 3 seconds to take in any design language, therefore you need to be precise and get straight to the point. I get into a lot of arguments about design with people who most of the time don’t understand design or know how it works.

When I went on the track at the Ruperts’ farm, yes the farm has a race track and an ignoramus car collection as well. I remember that I had a conversation with Phuti Mpyane about Alfa Romeo and highlighted certain things that I didn’t notice about Alfa. Alfa is great when it comes to design, they have their own style, its Italian, it’s not influenced by anyone else but them. I remember the Alfa Romeo 145 was different when it was released and it was not the car for everyone either, but I remember the design being striking at the time. One does tend to forget about Alfa now and again, but when they release a new model, you can tell that some thought and passion went into the process of how it looks. Also, Phuti mentioned something that I didn’t know about Alfa Romeo, he said that VW has been trying to buy Alfa for the longest time and it was because of the heritage as well as the fact that they have been around for over 100 years. So when the people of Alfa Romeo dropped off the latest Guilia 2.0 (that will cost you from R555 0000) at the Rosebank offices something said you need to take this car on a road trip because the city is not where you will see it’s the beauty.


While we were shooting the Vaseline campaign, Sheldon invited us at Marvin for the launch of his store at Sun City. Sheldon has cut my hair twice and immediately after that I had to re-evaluate my relationship with my barber, needless to say, I doubt I’d be going back. I had never looked that good before and I didn’t have to explain myself either, Sheldon did his thing and I liked it. So I decided that a short left to the North-West would be a great idea. The Marvin duffle bag always comes in handy for short trips like this one, obviously, I had the Just Themba mix for the trip and I was all set for the road. While driving, I thought about Sheldon’s story with regards to the barbershop and triumphs and failures as an entrepreneur, we had had a great conversation with regards to his journey; when he started and when he got a bike to go to his clients to the story where he shut down the barbershop because of management and later returning to doing what he really loves doing which is cutting hair. I look up to Sheldon, his story is real and his passion transparent and I love that he employs his own people from the coloured community.

While driving the Guilia I realized that the 2.0 litre was rather a beast on tar, despite being so unassuming. Every time I stepped on it, it seemed as though it had been waiting for me to put it the test. Overtaking cars was just bliss and I was really showing off to be honest, mostly because I could. This is a driver’s car, the interior is simple, clean and straight to the point. As soon as I got to Sun City I got treated and escorted to the VIP section, where I bumped into fellow Vaseline Ambassadors Tibz and Menzi. Sheldon and his team had prepared all kinds of activities for us to choose from for the weekend, but after a long drive, I just wanted to check in and take a shower at the hotel. I hadn’t done my hair when I went to Legends Sun City Media Launch so I thought the weekend would be the best time to get my hair cut, this time around I had more time which meant I got a bit more done which was really. One of the guys offered to add colour to my beard and at first, I was against it because I didn’t understand it, but when he offered to do the hair as well, I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose and it was the weekend as well. I came out looking like a different person, basically, I had had a makeover – I loved how my hair looked.

We received hampers from Shea Moisture, I picked up the beard collection which had the beard conditioning oil, beard balm, and full beard detangler as well as the hi-def foamless shave gel. I’ve been trying to get hold of products that would help me take care of my beard but I had just not had the time to research and explore, this was definitely a welcome hamper. So far my favourite is the beard conditioning oil, not only does it smell amazing, but it also makes my beard shine. After getting my hair done, I went back to the hotel room to freshen up and get ready for dinner and later we went to the club. The trip also gave me some time off to get some rest as well as perspective with regards to where I am going with life. It was a good trip that was needed and thanks to Legends Barber for the break.