Nairobi Nights: When Sex Is No Longer A Sin

I have been fascinated by the idea of the Devil & Hell. Not because I will end up in the hot arms of the Devil. But because I am intrigued by the philosophy of sin. The definition of sin, and the factors that make one kind of sin to have more weight than another. Why is lying to your son about where children come from a lesser sin than say prostitution or stealing?

I have read quite some literature exploring the concept and consequences of sin. There is Dante’s Inferno, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Markheim and certainly the Bible. I love Jesus’ view of sin; an outlook so detached from even the most faithful of his followers. And no, I am not saying this because He had a soft spot for prostitutes; but rather because he was real.

Anyway sometime last year I read on some blog a story trying to give at modern look at Hell. The story defined Hell as the place “Where doing wrong is right, and doing right is wrong.”. After the protagonist had sex  in Hell for the first time, he says something like. “ This was my first sexual experience in hell. It was flat .There was nothing exciting about it. Perhaps not because sex was readily available but due to the fact that the naughty element of sex that makes it the mischievous act it is on earth was lacking. “

This brings me to my point. Among the major contributors to the so called pleasure of sex is the fact that sex is ‘sin’ , the ‘wrong’ thing . When the sin element of sex is removed it becomes another biological exercise like eating. In marriage the sin factor is contributed by trying to hide it from children and house help. But after sometime that fails to provide the adrenaline rush to spark the excitement in sex; that is when people start to cheat. Sleeping with a prostitute when married is ‘wrong’ but to most men it offers plenty of pleasure. Simply because its not right.

When you earn a living having sex, like I do, its no longer sin. There is nothing to cause the adrenaline rush. Sex is work & work is never particularly interesting. But once in a while you will get a man who comes with an out of the ordinary idea that stimulates your pleasure glands.

The other day a man in a new Jeep picked me around 10 pm. He told me to sit at the back. ” I want to report my wife” he said as we drove to the Central Police Station. The police are not our best friends and wherever possible we keep our distance. But here he was taking me, almost naked and with prostitute written all over me,  to a police station. I didn’t feel so good.

He drove straight to the compound, and parked near a bus whose passengers some two policemen were frisking. We had sex there. It didn’t last ten minutes, but it was the sweetest and most exciting sex I have had in a long time.

Writer: Sue