Credit to the Single Fathers…

When we think about fathers, we automatically think of the provider of the family, the one who makes sure there is food on the table and a roof over their family’s head. I am talking about the real father out there who didn’t run away from their responsibilities. That is what is expected of them anyway, but have we ever thought of giving credit to all the single fathers out there?

We never acknowledge them and the hard work they go through raising their children alone, without the help of their mothers. We all know this is a man’s world which would be nothing without a woman, single fathers say a total different story to the rest of the other men, and to them it is a man’s world and is something without a woman. It has always been an expectation for mothers to take full responsibility of the child and raise them while the father contributes here and there until a certain age where they can have equal responsibility. Fathers can actually do anything a mother can except breast-feeding, as hard as it is, it is possible.

Most guys are raised by single parents and when they are forced to be single fathers they put themselves in their mother’s shoes and think back to when they were growing up and what their mothers did for them, which is what partially makes it easy and in time they get used to it. It must be extremely hard for a single father raising a daughter especially when puberty hits, that is the most difficult stage for a father especially since they do not know what they are going through so I personally take my hat off for them, more fathers like you are needed. Unlocking those skills you didn’t know you had and finding those immense resources of strength and character takes a lot of courage.

I can already picture these fathers getting their child or children ready for school in the morning, with boys it is simple they don’t need much attention but with girls its the total opposite and they are very sensitive, and then there is the hair part and the different hairstyles that fathers have to master and get right. I am not a parent yet but I take note of these heroes because they are also sharing their weakness and hard moments, which shows off their real side. Through that they scare away that “Impossible to be a single dad” and actually inspire the other dads that it is possible, that opens doors to the most important relationships they will ever be a part of. Children are after all the greatest gift one can be a part of and it is amazing how much change they can bring into someone’s life.

Writer: Natasha May