Nairobi Nights: Survival of The Species

Prostitutes are said to be carefree. The reasoning being that if they can have sex with all these men in these days of HIV then they care less. But the truth is we do care. What would be the point of us making money if we wish to die? I remember reading some interesting statistics about the probability of dying in various circumstances. So for instance the probability of dying on the road was higher than that of dying of plane crush. I would say the probability of a prostitute acquiring HIV is the same or equal to that of any person in marriage or come we stay. As long as you have unprotected sex I would say the odds are similar. Having slept with enough married men, I know better than to say men respect their marriages. And I know of many married women to know they are not saints either. Getting infected with HIV is a career hazard, same way a policeman may die of a thug’s bullet

Actually nature’s adaptation may make the odds of acquiring HIV for a prostitute lower. There was if I remember well this Darwinian theory about the survival of the species in which there was something about an organism developing traits to help it survive or adapt to its environment. And maybe it has already happened here in Kenya. Certainly you must have heard of the HIV resistant prostitutes of Majengo. But there is more than that. Many of us have a special instinct. Something more than the sixth sense which tells us whether to sleep with a man or not and what caution to take. However we don’t always get it right.

Men enjoy raw sex more. But you know raw sex comes with its risks. Yet some men, even married ones, are willing to put the pleasure first, take or ignore the risks and have unprotected sex with us, prostitutes. Raw sex pays more, much more. And here the instinct comes in very handy. You can tell nothing by the look of the man but you can feel it, second doubts and it’s a no. As for the men I don’t know how they tell a prostitute is clean but I bet they have no clue; it’s the foolishness of the moment.

When a man picks a girl from the street they won’t say they are going to have raw sex with her. Only when the have finished the foreplay and its time for the real thing that the girl realize his plans. If one says no some men will be apologetic and say they had been carried away then proceed to wear a condom, while others will say they want unprotected sex and they are ready to pay for it. That’s where the special instinct comes in.

A man picked me last night and we headed to a hotel in Milimani. He worked on me smoothly with his tongue and I really enjoyed. The expectations are that knowing what people think of prostitutes a man by default will want to have protection.  But it’s not always the case. The man in this case proceeded to try penetrating me raw. I pushed him away slowly.

“Wear  a CD” I said.

“Can’t we do it like this?”

“No. Just wear a CD”

“Just tell me how much you want”

Everything about us is reduced to money. I didn’t give in. I had bad feeling about it. The wisest thing would have been to scatter and not do it even with a condom. Anyway I ended up fucking him using protection. But I still have this uneasy feeling about it and can’t wait for my monthly test.

Writer: Sue