No! You Can’t Sit Still.

You can’t sit still. You know you fux with the rat race. Just circling in this maze of getting ‘the cheese’. And you want that money. That; zaka, nyuku, paper, gwap, chelete, imali, tshankura, stacks… your ‘cheque’? You believe you have your ways – trust – it’s dope. I see you, I get it. “We’re out here.” “How-abou-dah?”

But, let’s talk about the part where you’ve ‘fallen for the trap’. Like finding yourself tripping on your own decisions… mid-slaying. You can’t sit still. It’s like you want this ‘thing’ so badly and losing isn’t part of the bargaining deal. Your talent, your craft – that one thing that you’re good at – it’s very high maintenance. So it becomes necessary to attempt to live your best life. Your spirit animal is Champagne Papi, but in real life, you’re his pirated CD at the Noord Taxi Rank. Which when you play, you hear the whole Boys2Men collection.

You can’t sit still. Not a day goes by without questioning the world. Questioning Zuma, The Donald, The God… Yourself! You need answers. Your friends are flourishing ntwana – you see them on Insta, bafaka i-pressure. And the internet is like this gallery of profiles – all it takes is one account, some likes and a number of followers and you’re plugged in ma boi. Ja neh… sometimes, you sleep on the job ma guy. Or you just don’t feel like it. Maybe your boss got on your nerves, and you’ve finally decided to start your own thing. You’re so damn hungry, that the thought of not doing you – makes you feel uncomfortable. And so you rebel. Cause you’re naïve enough to believe in the dogma of doing what you love.

You can’t sit still. These days kuthatha into ey’ncane to do the millennial thing: To Spaan! That moment is when you allow yourself to be great – which transmits itself as that feeling of getting what you want – you see, that moment is key dawg.

How much of you is actually invested in getting yourself to the top? Do you see yourself as the leader of what you’re good at, or just a follower? Tell me, how many quantum leaps are you willing to take in order to meet your greatness?

No. You can’t sit still.

Writer: Nomfundo Myeni