Mini Cooper JCW: Beast With A Cause …

When I got an email from BMW asking if I would love to have a Mini Cooper for a week to test drive, I said “I could do that”. I have never driven a mini before and the only time I was in one; I remember I was helping a neighbour out because her car battery died. I am not a fan of small cars or even speed really; I love comfort and I am not always in a rush so I never found fast cars a necessity. The day before my birthday around 11am they dropped of the red and black 2016 Mini Copper John Cooper Works. We have been working hard at the office for the past week (including weekends) and leaving the office at 2am everyday. At first glance I thought that space would be an issue – I thought to myself I doubt if my little sister would fit in at the back, because she us tall.


Mathopestaat, Magaliesburg: Birth place of my mother and grandmother, we visited my grandmothers grave who passed on in January.

There has been a road trip that I have promised my siblings for a while now and I’ve been postponing it because of work and deadlines. Now seemed like a good time to do it and see how it handles in the rural areas and long distance. As I was driving around and doing business admin you realize that its beautiful car, its pleasing to the eye. Needed to get a haircut done before flying to Cape Town the next day for a talk at the KFC Africa event. I only cut my hair in Alex where I am from because you don’t have to explain yourself or what style you want either because they know. While getting some lunch at Wanda Cafe, I noticed that people understood the brand of JCW and they associate it with great performance. Then you remember that most cool people in the township either drive VW, golf 7, BMW or Mini Cooper S or JCW.

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Tshamahansi, Limpopo: This is where the Matsheke’s are from, this area is called Matsheke, we were visiting the Chief’s household with my sibilings, Nkateko & Octavia Matsheke.

I will say this again I am not one to love speed, comfort is my thing. The Mini Cooper John Cooper Works is a problem though! It appealed to a side of me that I didn’t even know existed, it was like I have been born again of some sort. I had to re-evaluate what I liked and what I didn’t because clearly I don’t know anymore. When you drive the car you realize that it was made for performance, it was not made for those who get stuck in traffic, it was made for those who are always on the move. It was made for people who are following their dreams and have so much to do but want to have a little bit of fun in between meetings. Its made for the young spirited, ambitious, goal driven man and women who have not made it yet but whom are a work in progress. They will get there one day but while they are building those dreams, they want to look good while doing it.


Tshamahansi, Limpopo: Matsheke Chief House.

The Mini JCW is solid on the road, weather you have it on eco-mode or sport mode. Actually I have a problem with the eco-mode, there is noting eco about that mode (except saving on fuel). The JCW still responds as quickly even on Eco-Mode and still makes the Vvvvrr Phhha noise! Even on Eco-Mode the car still calls your name to shift into sport mode so that it can show you what it can do. I like the size of the car it’s easier to park and maneuver around traffic of you need to get out of situations quickly. Since I am a talk guy the only thing that was annoying was my reach for the navigation controller which the arm rest was always on the way. The navigation system is from BMW so there nothing new that I had to learn because I know my way around their navigation system. The Navigation system is awesome and so easy to use specially when it comes to road trips. The gears and pedals are a little bit harder but that’s understandable for a sport car.


I can fit comfortable at the back of the car, oh thats Ashley Moetlo

I lost my mind when I put the sound system to the test. Good sound system in a car is very important to any black man when purchasing a car. I would buy this car just based on the sound system alone. Never mind the fact I would get compliments from the opposite sex at the robots or during traffic. This is probably the best car I have driven. The starting price for this car is R450 000 for manual and R470 000 for automatic. One last thing that I liked about this car is that a full tank will cost you about R500.

*My brother Nkateko shot and edited this video for me.