Kanye West …

Here is a probably unpopular take on an already unpopular topic based on this article. This is purely my opinion.

Kanye West is a Medium. And, most probably uneDlozi. The more the spirit in him fights to be heard, the more it seems that he is losing his mind. But, he doesn’t know that, the people around him don’t know that and he is unlikely to get better without the any medication – which won’t ‘cure’ him.

Spiritual disconnection, especially in those who have a ‘calling’ invariably manifests in mental and emotional disorders.

This is hard for many of us to believe because we understand more about bipolar and schizophrenia and such more than we understand spiritual agency. This is mainly because of the media which has consistently dismissed spirituality as either religion or superstition and…the bullshit that the SABC has been feeding about diSangoma ever since the zombie lady from Shaka Zulu.

Most of us have no idea how to recognise mental illness from spiritual turmoil. People have a spirit(s) residing in them are often very sensitive. Not just in terms of emotional outbursts, but they can pick up on other people’s emotional energies too, hence the paranoia. But, We perceive a ‘spiritual calling’ as some kind of dark, freaky shit that turn people into witches and potion sellers.

Also, the phrase ‘a calling’ is tragically simplistic and limited because people immediately think ‘Sangoma’. There are many ways in a person who is a medium can function. Many of them have nothing to do with ‘ukuthwasa’. A calling can function in every aspect of society, in every sector at every level. From police, accountants, teachers, engineers…everywhere.

Our innate spirituality is the fundamental aspect of human development westernisation has been able to demonise