19th Jan 2020

BMW Festival

In South Africa currently, we are going through a trend of all sorts of festivals from music to Kota festivals Soweto and now to the

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23rd Apr 2019

The New BMW Z4

Recently we were strapped in the seat of the all-new BMW Z4, and what an experience it was. Visually it’s clear that the Z4 has undergone a number of significant

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15th Apr 2019

The New BMW 8 series

Admittedly, it wasn't love at first sight. The 8 series is awkwardly designed, much like the 6 series. With that being said, as with art, some pieces do slowly grow on you over

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22nd Feb 2019


When a man spends over a million Rands on a sedan, know this about the car. It’s extremely fast, packed with features and can launch itself from 0 – 100km

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8th Nov 2018

How To Ride A Bike …

I’ve written learners tests twice in my life prior to Tuesday the 23rd of October 2018, and on my third try I failed. I failed at something I took as

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19th Jul 2018

The Thrill of A Biker …

When asked by Marvin why I like bikes, something so dangerous, potentially getting closer to death every time I get on the bike, the best possible answer I could think

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