Volvo Debuts S90 Excellence …

The first week of November has seen the Swedish carmaker debuting its new flagship S90 Excellence package, showing off the range-topping executive limousine’s passenger-pampering cabin.

Set to be built in China and then exported worldwide, Volvo’s S90 Excellence is aimed entirely to improve the experience of rear-seat passengers, making it the most luxurious limousine the company has produced to date.


Shown here are both the Chinese-market version of the long-wheelbase S90 and the S90 Excellence, demonstrating the upgrades present in the suped-up interior of the latter.


The most apparently difference in the interiors is the Excellence package’s missing front passenger seat. In its place, Volvo installed what it calls the “Lounge Console,” featuring a touchscreen control interface and complete workstation.

Additional upgrades include a refrigerated compartment in the rear-seat center console, crystal glassware, a heated and cooled cupholder and expanded storage for rear-passenger cargo and accessories.

With the announcement of the S90 Excellence, Volvo also revealed that the company will move production of its sedan from Sweden to its Daqing, Heilongjiang province, in northern China.

The new S90 models will greet the public at the 2016 Guangzhou Motor Show later this month. Local availability yet to be confirmed.