Yes, You Could Be Having Better Sex

Here is a great conversation that my fellow speakers for the Loving Women, Understanding Men: Better seminar on the 27th of August had with Aphelele on Power FM.

If you don’t have 23 minutes to spare I have pulled out some of the highlights of the conversation below, although there are some great gems from listeners who called into the show.

3:25 Anne-Marie breaks down some of the topics that will be covered at the seminar such as “why sex often turns into a chore for women” and “how a man can separate their orgasm from their ejaculation…because they are two separate processes in the body”

Did you know that?

4:57 “…until that point, he is trying to get laid and she is trying to get out of it…because there is no pleasure in it for her.”

7:15 “pornography is not pleasured based, because pleasure is sometimes boring visually because it takes time and it’s an internal process.”

9:01 “men are deep communicators if you give them the space, and sometimes it’s about taking a deep breath and not reflecting immediately, not talking back immediately…a man needs you to take a breath and allow him to talk”

9:30 “When you speak to me the same way you speak to your friends, like cutting me off to me it means you have no interest in what I have to say, therefore I don’t feel valued, therefore I don’t feel loved”

14:17 “Understand as a man, if a woman is tired her libido has fallen through the floor…sometimes the best foreplay is a clean house…so what can you do practically as a man to help your partner be less tired because tiredness for a woman is the biggest libido killer.”

21:27 “You cannot learn how to drive a car by watching die hard, you cannot learn how to make love by watching porn.”

Of course there is only so much you can say on radio, be sure to join us at the seminar. Purchase your tickets here.