Do it.

Do it. Just do it (hello, Nike!).  Just bloody do it. Do it now, don’t do it tomorrow, do it now, right now, do not wait for everything to fall in place, just do it now.  Do not wait for the perfect moment, just do it now, do it! do it! do it!

Do it for money.  Do it for all the money you will make and not the least you can make, but for all the money that is for the taking and all that is borrowed.  Do it for all the money that will buy you rare fish eggs that you drip on your body and get some groupies to lick them off cause you are allergic to them.  Do it for all the money that will buy you power to influence policy, to influence power, to influence others to do it just the way you did it.

Do it for fame.  Do it for recognition.  Do it for all the billboards that will put an image of you flying high in the Himalayas with three Caucasian females.  Do it for all the little girls that will scream your name when they see you.  Do it for the boys that would be saying, “ja no auti ele e ntswembo, ke ngakara!”  Do it for all the generations that will fit your name in the same category as ‘coke’ and ‘okay’.  Do it for all the groupies that would do anything to be seen with you.

Do it for power.  Do it for power, do it for power to control and own other people’s time.  Do it for all the power that is to be had, to the point where you start taking, forcefully, other people’s power.  Do it for all the power to the point where everybody fears you, not because you might kill them, but because they are powerless.  Do it for the power to instil fear every time you doubt something or someone.  Do it for the power it takes to instill a new regime, put stock markets into a recession because you don’t like the colour of your shoes.

Do it for all the wrong reasons justified by the all the right reasons, so you become an enigma.  Do it for all the reasons that don’t make sense, like diverting your private jet to the middle of the Atlantic ocean and demand that the pilot hover for an hour because you need to clear your mind.  Do it for all the reasons stated above and reject them all as not who you are because if you were to do something for anything it will be because you already do have all these reasons.

Do it for faith, do it for belief. Do it because of the fear of failure.  Do it because you have faith you will fail, but failure strengthens your belief that you have faith.  Do it because as far as everybody else is concerned you are a walking, talking, thinking, laughing, mutha-fucken contradiction.  Do it because you have dreamt about doing it for so long, that your life is now the dream.  Do it because you are tired of dreaming, you want to start living outside of the dream.

Remember, always press the red button, because that is how things get done.

* my lower back is killing me.

Writer & Photographer: Lebogang Nkoane