This Documentary Is a Mesmerizing Look at the Cars That Define the Hypercar Era

APEX: The Story of the Hypercar goes inside Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti, Pagani, and Koenigsegg to follow the creation of the ultimate class of car: The hypercar.

We are genuinely living in a revolutionary automotive time: the hypercar era. First ushered in bythe Bugatti Veyron, and fully realized by the McLaren P1, Porsche 918, and Ferrari LaFerrari, these are the days of unbelievable horsepower, made possible by unfathomable technology.

Somebody had to document this period in history, to preserve this moment for future generations to understand. That’s what APEX: The Story of the Hypercar is all about. And you’ll be able to watch it on Netflix starting August 1st!

This 90-minute documentary was written by automotive journalist, Jalopnik founder, and friend of Road & Track Mike Spinelli, and directed by JF Musial and Joshua Vietze, all alumni of theautomotive film company /DRIVE. Together, they bring us further inside the world’s most prestigious automakers than anyone before, to tell the story of the modern hypercar.

APEX pays particular attention to the development of the Koenigsegg One:1, the Swedish automaker’s project named for its power-to-weight ratio: 1341 hp moving an identical number of kilograms. The movie uses extensive interviews with founder Christian Von Koenigsegg and other major players at Koenigsegg, taking us right inside the workshop as the team designs, engineers, and assembles the very first One:1. The filmmakers gained unprecedented access to Koenigsegg’s facilities, built on the grounds of a former Swedish air force base, and filmed every aspect of the construction of the first One:1.

But the film doesn’t focus solely on Koenigsegg. The viewer gets to go inside Ferrari, learning about the genesis of the F40 and the inspiration for the LaFerrari. We get to ride along with Porsche factory driver Patrick Long for his first stint behind the wheel of a Porsche 918 Spyder at Circuit of the Americas. We get to tour McLaren’s jaw-dropping engineering headquarters, and watch a P1 doing lurid drifts around Yas Marinas. We listen as Horacio Pagani explains the difference between his emotional, self-described “irrational” machines and the engineer’s daydream cars of his Swedish competitor.

And we get to watch as Koenigsegg scrambles to finalize the One:1, and takes aim at the most prestigious performance marker in the auto industry: A record-breaking lap time at the Nurburgring.

With commentary by Spinelli, Alex Roy, Chris Harris, Dan Neil, and our very own Travis Okulski, and input from Koenigsegg test driver Robert Serwanski, McLaren test driver Chris Goodwin, Porsche 918 Spyder project manager Frank Walliser, and many more, you’ll learn more about the world of hypercar design and engineering than you ever thought possible. It’s simply a must-watch.

APEX: The Story of the Hypercar is available for download on iTunes right now, and will be coming to Netflix on August 1st. For more information, check out the APEX website.

From: AR Revista