Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription Denim Blue

At some point, everyone needs to think about getting an electric car sooner or later. The reasons for that might be different, some for the planet and environment and some because we live in South Africa and anything is possible. Getting a fully electric car is not for everyone but a hybrid might make sense to you because it’s the best of both worlds. When Volvo dropped off the new Volvo XC60 T8, I got excited because I love the XC60 and I believe that it’s the best of Volvo out there.

According to a recent study * two-thirds of consumers consider a brand’s environmental policies as a critical factor when purchasing luxury products. The same percentage of buyers would like to see carbon labeling on products as a way of providing greater transparency on the environmental impact of products and materials**.

This means the material world is evolving and designers around the world are actively sourcing high-quality, sustainable, and responsibly sourced materials as they strive to create the luxury products of the future.

These and other conclusions appear in The Rise of Conscious Design, a new report issued by Volvo Cars in collaboration with leading trend forecasting company The Future Laboratory. The publication of the report coincides with Volvo Cars’ announcement that all of its new fully electric models will be completely leather-free. The newly launched C40 Recharge is the first model to be fully devoid of leather.

Volvo XC60 Recharge T8 AWD, interior

Volvo has got the XC60 design language right, they also kept the interior design similar to what we know from Volvo XC60. The drawback was the infortainment system, its Andriod based which makes it very difficult to use or understand if you are an Apple user. I don’t know what was the reason for this move because the previous Volvo infortainment system was better.
The plug-in hybrid T8 powertrain borrows the B6’s engine and pairs it with a set of electric motors for a total of 455 horsepower in the Recharge models. The XC60 takes corners well, feels tied to the road while cruising, and changes directions with confidence.

The hybrid part of the Volvo is also interesting because you can recharge the battery while driving on the petrol mode. The T8 plug-in hybrid gives you about 60KM of the range which can come in handy when there is a fuel shortage. Volvo XC60 has a standard charging port where you can charge at any Volvo-compatible station or do it at home, the car comes with two different chargers for home or charging stations. The petrol mode gives you a good 700KM range which is really good for long-distance drives.

Volvo XC60 Recharge T8 AWD, Thunder Grey

The XC60 T8 Recharge has a South African starting price of R1,218,900, which includes a 5-year/100,000km warranty and maintenance plan. The SUV is rated at 505 litres with all five seats up and 1,432 litres with only the front seats erected.

Interesting Facts

  1. Carbon labelling on products is what two-thirds of consumers want to see
  2. Regenizens – have you heard of them? It is a new generation of consumers who want products that are regenerative and ethical. 79% will change their purchase preferences based on social responsibility, inclusiveness or environmental impact.
  3. The future of premium and luxury will revolve around basic ‘R’ principles – recycle, repair, reduce, re-use, repurpose and rethink. A global demand for new textile fibres is forecast to increase by 150% by 2050.