9 Men’s Mental Health Lessons for Your 30s

1. You are number one in any relationship. And NO! You not being selfish, it is the ultimate form of love. Taking of yourself, making decisions that best suit you enables you to trust yourself, and if you fail you’ll learn without blaming and hurting anyone.

2. You are not late for anything and not ‘too old’ to start anything. In fact, you are now wiser, have a wider social capital, less distracted by sex and more experienced with people. This is the perfect time to start or change careers if you wish to. Pace yourself.

3. Spend more time clarifying your goal and visions instead of hastily jumping to start something. Commit to the goal and do it every day even if it’s 1% per day including weekends. Make it your daily habit to contribute ONE action to your goal every day. No matter how small the action.

4. Accept your calling, mission, dream or responsibility. You may have chosen a career to please parents, family or society. It’s got you here. Now go do what you know you wanted to do all along. Anything you are strong at, double down on it.

5. When you are happy write down, or communicate how you want to be treated on your bad days. Don’t try to express it only when you are already angry or sad. It will cause more damage and alienate help.

6. Everyone can be judged by someone somewhere whether you do good or bad. Don’t self sabotage thinking of things that will be possibly said or are being said about you. Focus on what you are saying to yourself.

7. Mental Health challenges vary but exercise, clean eating, avoiding multiple sex partners and avoiding substances does a lot of good for you.

8. The mistakes you did while younger do not define you today, they define who you were then. Your changed behaviour today is what matters because it’s the you you’ll remember when future you looks back.

9. The finer things in life are good for you, you deserve them, but do not let them be the measure of your value. Life is seasonal, upgrade and downgrade when necessary without thinking it means anything more than material.