This Year Ditch the Passport For Your Huawei AppGallery To Unlock a Companion to a Perfect ‘Sho’t Left’

You may be suddenly filled with wanderlust now that airline travel has been unlocked, after what has been a long stay indoors – working mostly all the time  and not going anywhere. With local and international travel now allowed, a much-needed holiday is in order.

Whether you are hitting a short left to a local travel destination or crossing borders and oceans, traveling and exploring can be so much fun. However, with the second COVID-19 wave approaching, and with some of our international counterparts currently dealing with a second (or even third) wave themselves, it’s best to live like you’re in Miami, within Durban. So, whether you are experiencing the serenity of Knysna, exploring the nooks and crannies in Hermanus, or indulging in the sights and sounds of the Blyde River Canyon, a breath of fresh air and different scenery is much deserved. However, the secret sauce to a perfect ‘sho’t left’ experience is in getting the planning right so that you can get to let your hair down in style.

That is why there are Apps available for ease of planning. HUAWEI AppGallery has just the perfect list of Apps to help you plan with ease and to enjoy your trips and holiday destinations this festive season.

Let 22Seven help you reach your dream holiday budget 

Travel plans become actionable when there are sufficient funds available. To properly enjoy your travels, you need to budget well and have enough money. You can use this amazing budgeting App, called 22Seven, to help you create life goals, which could be a dream holiday, for instance, to invest in.

Because investing is more rewarding than saving, 22Seven offers 4 Old Mutual unit trust investment funds, where you can safely store your money and track how it grows tax-free, from as little as R250. In due time, you could grow your money from your investment to reach the budget for your dream holiday and go on to enjoy it while living your best life.

Locate the perfect place to stay on Airbnb 

Finding the right place to stay, that will be comfortable and suitable for your accommodation needs, is important. That is why you need the Airbnb App to help you locate the perfect holiday home to rent. Wishing for a laidback beach house? Try out South Africa’s famous Garden Route that lingers between the borders of the Western and Eastern Cape. Wishing for something more cool and artsy? Check out some spaces within Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape!

Home rentals when traveling give a homey feeling of comfort, which is an advantage when you are far from your own home. With a network of over 6 million holiday home rentals in more than 191 countries, pretty much anywhere you can go in the world, you can find a fitting Airbnb home accommodation.

Depending on your accommodation budget, you can search home rentals by price, in specific neighbourhoods, and with specific amenities, and more options.

Ensure safety in unfamiliar territory with Namola

When traveling to unfamiliar territory, one’s safety can easily get compromised especially if you don’t know the various local emergency response contacts. Namola is a must-have App to ensure you stay safe, connected, and protected at all times.

Through the App, you can easily get help from police, ambulance, fire department, or traffic officers, anytime, anywhere. And you can share your location with loved ones as well as activate smart alerts for when you or your loved ones begin traveling to or arrive at a destination. All these services are available for free.

Go to venues for fun with Eat Out

Of course, activities form part of the adventure when traveling. Enjoying local events and experiencing the vibe of the people are good memories to make. Craving some Crème Brûlée or a mean Lamb Shank? The Eat Out App is a useful platform where you can check out restaurant listings by province or city.

Scout for venues you may like to attend ahead of your travels with Eat Out. The best part? The Application allows you to book restaurants in real-time and receive confirmations and reminders. On the App, people also share event experiences with comments and photos so you can decide if a certain event series appeals to you.

HUAWEI AppGallery is truly your ‘sho’t left’ companion if you would like to enjoy the whole travel process from start to finish. With a selection of Apps you need to make it all worthwhile, download them and many others for free today on the App store. Click here from your smartphone to get busy exploring now!