Hollard Daredevil Run For Cancer Awareness

The Daredevil Run will be turning 10 next year and we’re excited to celebrate this achievement. For the past nine years, this event has been marked off men’s calendars as a phenomenon to attend.

While it is a little daring, somewhat fun and liberating, at its core it’s about raising awareness through the use of collective power to inspire positive change.

The sad reality is that black men are at an increased risk for developing prostate cancer over white men and other races. One in six black men will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime. Overall, black men are 1.7 times more likely to be diagnosed with—and 2.3 times more likely to die from—prostate cancer than white men. Black men are also slightly more likely than white men to be diagnosed with advanced disease.

Every year in March a group of brave men gather together in their speedos to run through rush hour traffic for an important cause, the awareness of prostate and testicular cancer as well as to encourage their peers and sons to test for signs of these cancers. It encourages conversation and a sharing of information, men talk balls and health and open dialogue around what is usually seen as taboo conversation.

We would love the opportunity for you to be part of this course in amplifying the message by following us on our social media platforms, liking and sharing our posts to create awareness around the impact of these two male cancers on our society most importantly, to educate the community and encourage more men to get tested!

All proceeds from entries to the run go towards cancer screening and awareness programmes across South Africa.