The Beginning of a New Decade

When we started in 2015, we started with the vision of building a platform where men and women can have honest conversations that would enable a better society. We believed that men are important in society and their contribution should be highlighted, not only the bad things men do but, also the good. A lot has changed but still the same with more violence towards women and children. Clearly the problem is still there and it’s not getting dealt with and we are living in the era of voiceless men. We hope that this year we are going to deal with these types of issues regarding men. We launched the Marvin App last year and it was received with great feedback, we have been working on a few tweaks and making sure that it’s ready for 2020.

Another focus for this year is telling the South African story in a way that we believe it should be done; we should tell the story of our entrepreneurs, fathers, cars we love, the places we love to travel. We are also going to focus on showcasing products that we believe in on Marvin through the store, which has been a dream for the longest time. We are going to be telling that story of building products and stories of the people behind it as well. We are turning 5 years this year and we would love to bring back Marvin’s Room on a more frequent basis, preferably quarterly so that we can engage with our people and have fun while we are at it. We also want to get our people involved in a lot of car activities that we do this year because we believe that we have a lot of people who love cars and want to experience them first hand as well.

With that being said, we want to focus as well on love and fatherhood because these are such important subjects in our country. Some are fathers and they know how to navigate this journey, but others struggle to find their feet and this should be a place for all to give advice on what others are trying. Love is important in everything we do but mostly towards the people we are in a relationship with, we are going to focus on how men deal with love and how we see the love and how we engage with love. The older one gets, the more one realizes that how you behave is based on how you were raised and a lot of the times for you to change generational behaviour you need to know where the problem is and deliberately change that yourself – before engaging with your children, wife and family.

Welcome to the new decade

George Gladwin Matsheke