The BMW X5 M50d Review

The first thing you get to notice about the BMW X5 M50d is that you feel the presence of the car, it’s big and yet when you drive the car it’s so light all at the same time. When BMW launched the X5 in late 2018, I was quite impressed with the design of the entire car, more so,  I was impressed with the back because it seems that BMW is taking a different direction with regards to design. If you notice they even moved the names from the top to the bottom and it’s because BMW moved the backlights slightly up from the previous X5 model.

Model-specific designer features serve to emphasize the exclusive and sporty nature of the new BMW X5 M50i and the BMW X7 M50i the moment you see it. The extra-large air inlets in the front apron are a clear indication of the V8 engine’s cooling requirements. The unique design of the side sills and rear apron, the BMW individual high-gloss Shadow Line, and selected design elements in Cerium Grey similarly serve to underline the outstanding status of the 8-cylinder models.

The BMW X5 M50i is equipped with Adaptive M suspension. One of two sets of characteristics can be selected for the electronically controlled dampers, which can be activated using the driving experience switches, comprising COMFORT and SPORT modes. The BMW X7 M50i is fitted with adaptive dual axle air suspension, which is also available optionally for the new BMW X5 M50i. In the SPORT driving mode, as well as at speeds of over 138 km/h, this automatically results in reduced ride height of 20 millimetres. However, the driver is also able to adjust the height of the body by activating a button in the cockpit; two levels are available, raising the height up to 40 millimetres above the standard setting; this is useful when driving off-road, for example.

What I also love with the BMW X5 M50d is that it’s a diesel model and for such a big car, it makes it affordable for everyday driving because if it were petrol, it wouldn’t be kind on the pocket. For those who can afford R 1,511,689.50 I believe that the M50d is the perfect SUV for you, it has enough space at the back with also good boot space.