Movie Preview – Bad Boys For Life

Talk about a proper and very welcome throwback, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back together as our favourite Bad Boys duo in what will be the last instalment in the popular franchise, this time titled Bad Boys For Life. We are definitely here for this and were excited the minute the news was announced. Not much to say really about this legendary duo and seeing them back together again in a classic such as this one feels us with a lot of joy. We finally have a trailer giving us a taste of what to expect, check that out below:

Not much else has been released about it but what we do know is (in this latest instalment) old-school cops Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett will team up to take down the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel. They will work alongside a newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department and will go up against the ruthless Armando Armas.

That’s about it, for now at least. With an official release date of 17 January 2020, it’s understandable why there’s little on it so far. There’s no doubt though that more will be revealed from this point on till then. One thing is for sure, we are amped to see good ol’ Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnet back together.

Writer: Thabiso Moloi