The last few weeks have been tricky for me. Already planning on moves for this year, cutting what and who isn’t needed. I’m on a much more intimate journey to self-discovery, I can feel my body changing and my mind growing, I think thoroughly on who and what I want in my space and how.

And no…I’m not becoming too safe or boring, just sharper.

For me, self-discovery is about purpose, it’s about understanding your soul and all the energies it possesses. However, the journey is tedious. It includes fear, doubt, misunderstanding, and makes you re-visit old choices. The biggest choice in error I kept making is letting people I call “freeloaders” into my space, these people only take from your time, energy and emotions; cut these people off.

Image by: Phila T Shidi

This journey has forced me to search for so much more than what I believed I had found and understood. We are constantly evolving, I don’t think humans can ever be defined. The biggest take away is being truthful to yourself and stop creating unrealistic expectations of people, things and opportunities. Be patient, execute one thing at a time, speak about shit that affects you to people you trust.

We hold ourselves back in so many ways, we imprison our creativity and our potential to be better by not knowing who we are and our purpose. Search…and don’t stop until you find yourself. Change and be unapologetic about it. Learning to put yourself first; that’s true freedom.

Writer: Joe Human