Designed. Life. (Part 2)


After a night of revelry with his boys, Ms. P is ripe for the picking. she spends the night, is treated to a lovely breakfast in bed and a follow-up day of shopping, coffees in street cafes, bumping into friends with an introduction, promises and plans for dinner and lunches for weeks to come. A couple of Instagram worthy weeks follow, snapshots of public displays of affection, meetups with the Marvin men wives, girlfriends and or ‘easy game’ and Ms. P thinks she has hit the city’s jackpot of eligible bachelors.

Mr. K is growing bored. He has played this game every three months for the past 6 years. His band of brothers know the end is nigh and so do their significant others. It starts with her inviting him to a BBQ with her friends. Mr. K is not interested in being part of her social circle. He is trying to keep them separate to maintain a clean exit plan. He declines her invite graciously.

Mr. K ignores her messages for days, stops calling and only texts. He now has a long business conference to attend in a country where internet services is next to none. Ms. P starts making excuses for him to her friends. Her friends say she is dating a phantom for they have never met or seen him. She shows them pictures of their lovely weeks together on Instagram. This is the only social media platform that he is on that she has access to. Her friends offer her a comforting smile and say, to her complaints of distance, that he is probably just a busy man.

Mr. K calls her after his ‘business trip’. He claims to have something of vital importance to tell her and can they meet for coffee in the morning.



Ms. P has missed ‘her man’ she gets all dolled up and meets Mr. K for coffee. He kisses her tenderly on her cheek and orders her favourite caffeine fix. He proceeds to tell her how he has been struggling to balance his work life and personal life. How he has a certain standard that he wants to maintain and give his woman and right now is not the best time to achieve that.  Her lip trembles and he reaches for her hand. He lifts her chin and utters the most crass line known to man or woman,” …it’s not you, it’s me and as much as this sounds like a lie, it is not”

Ms. P is confused, understanding, blinded by infatuation and the ‘good life’ and asks him if there is a chance they can make it work. Mr. K says that he does not want to string her along, for he also has a confession to make.


“…I met someone else” he says

“…I don’t want to disrespect you by not divulging this information, for I am falling madly in love with you and I will be short-changing you by not giving you the life I know you deserve.”

“…who is she?”

“…she is nobody baby, but I’m sorry, I can’t do this to you anymore.”

Ms. P looks away, folds her serviette, dabs her eyes, looks at Mr. K and says that she understands, she thanks him for his honesty and that they should keep in touch. Mr. K says that it won’t be a good idea for his heart is broken and he will need time and space to heal.

Mr. K watches as Ms. P gets up and leaves. He pays the bill and walks across the street to meet his brothers for lunch with a new pep in his stride, a spark in his eye and a cheeky grin on his face as he smiles at Ms. A who is heading into the same restaurant.


A.Designed.Life Part 1

Writer: Jules