The New BMW Z4

Recently we were strapped in the seat of the all-new BMW Z4, and what an experience it was. Visually it’s clear that the Z4 has undergone a number of significant changes when compared to its predecessor. From the sleek lines along the sides of the body and bonnet, you can see that the car underwent a massive overhaul. These visual enhancements make the car so much sportier. The Z4 also boasts an electronic soft cover drop top that surprisingly doesn’t take away from the car’s aesthetics or drivability on the highway.


As we drove off in windy Cape Town, with the roof down it was evident that even with the roof down the car maintained its aerodynamics and our drive remained uncompromised. Like in typical BMW style, the car is made easy to navigate through, from the tech on the car to its drivability as a whole. The roadster is super comfortable and handles like a dream around the countryside curves. Even before driving this vehicle I was impressed by its looks and stats on paper. Driving it evoked an unforgettable love affair with it, and I wasn’t the only one, as pedestrians and passersby turned heads while I cruised through the city center.

There are two engine types available, the M40i that has a six-cylinder in-line petrol engine, eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The sDrive20i boasts a four-cylinder in-line petrol engine, eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The M40i has been claimed to do 0 -100km/h in 4,6 while the sDrive20i is said to do it in 6,6 seconds. The Z4 has great upgrades that are attributable to the shorter wheelbase for increased agility and wider tracks than its predecessor make the car more enjoyable to drive in the city, on the highway, and in the countryside.

The roadster has a beautiful compact interior and swanks wireless cellphone charging, colour BMW head-up display, a Harman/Kardon sound system and beautiful ambient door lighting on either door panels. The seats are extremely comfortable and one is able to adjust them almost any way possible.

The BMW Z4 M40i is a beautiful car with just enough power to back up its aesthetic. Would I see myself owning this car? The answer is an easy YES. The car is super sexy and just roars in the right frequency when pulling away. As mentioned, it handles corners like a roadster should and the size just makes it so much more enjoyable to drive.

What can one expect to pay you ask? For the sDrive20i prices will start from R756K and the M40i will be just over a cool million.

Writer & Photographer: Tshego Mmahlatji