The New BMW 8 series

Admittedly, it wasn’t love at first sight. The 8 series is awkwardly designed, much like the 6 series. With that being said, as with art, some pieces do slowly grow on you over time. My love for the BMW M850i grew with every interaction. I noticed something different about the car I liked over time; making sense of the overall design of the car like brush strokes on a painting. This either being the shape of the LED rear lights or the air intakes in the front bumper to the curvature of the rear glass. Much like art, not everyone sees the beauty in a Picasso, except those that do understand how genius his paintings are. For me, the 8 series is a masterpiece and possibly a classic much like the first generation 850i also known as the E31.

Like any person driving a car for the first time, you walk around it first and just soak in what you’re about to enter into. As I did this, I noticed how all the lines began to make sense, doing more than just adding to its predecessor’s aesthetics. I began to understand that it was designed in such a way that it sliced through the wind effortlessly.

BMW has made sure that the standard car already has several additions, leaving minimal room for a client to request any significant add ons. Even with the incredible Harman/Kardon sound system, I found myself listening to the Bavarian engine roaring as I cruised away. For a coupe, this car is spacious enough and makes for comfortable driving both in city traffic conditions and in long distance driving. Overall, the M850i Coupe drives and handles like a dream and the more time you spend in it, much like art, you learn to appreciate and understand it better, affording you an enjoyable drive. You can’t help but smirk while driving it.

Another noticeable thing about the car is the power. The M850i xDrive Coupe M Performance model with new, 390 kW V8 engine, is said to be capable of doing a 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. With a V8 engine under the hood, it’s good to know that with all that power comes a great braking system in the form of the 19-inch braking system that can bring this big machine to a complete halt.

Art isn’t for everyone but there are some of those masterpieces you would love to have in your collection given the chance. Personally, I believe the BMW M850i is one such masterpiece, expect to part with just under R1,9 million for the coupe and the convertible is said to come in at just under R2 million.

Writer & Photographer: Tshego Mmahlatji