Coffee Rituals: Bloom

Side Note: By simple definition to Bloom means the state or period of flowering. This, when applied to flowers, means to showcase its beauty

People go through phases of hurting and pain. Our pain at the time we experience it is the greatest thing at that moment. It consumes us, we relive it, and we let that hurt own us. I’ve been through this and it’s hard to just slip out of a painful situation. One thing I’ve learned is that we need to want to stop hurting and the first process of trying to heal really comes from within.

Pain doesn’t really go away it just becomes more manageable. We learn tricks to keep it somewhat controlled in the mind – I think that’s why at times when we experience triggers that take us back to that very painful moment. But one thing for sure is that we take in things differently and how each one deals/copes will be different too.

I remember when my mother passed I thought my whole world was coming to an end. Most of all it felt like my heart had been ripped right out of my chest. It was hard to understand life, its meaning, death, and why it has to happen. Like, why can’t we live forever so we don’t have to go through the kind of loss and pain that death brings? A lot of things just didn’t make sense and honestly, they still don’t. What I’m trying to say is this kind of pain took me three years to only be able to deal with it. It was a decision that I had to make because my life would end up being meaningless because of self-pity and the depression that took over my life. Some people don’t know that we can laugh and function as if we’re normal while suffering from depression. That’s one thing we hide very well, but as mentioned, after three years of depression I made a choice to climb out of my wormhole and work on myself. The process was hard because I was dealing with everything by myself.

Whatever is causing you pain you can overcome it. You need to learn that you are holding on to the pain and not the pain is holding on to you. Understand how you deal with issues. Are you the kind that talks to a friend or are you the type of person that manages to deal by themselves?

But know that once you have dealt with the pain, happiness will begin to Bloom in your life once again.



Writer & Photographer: Tshego Mmahlatji