True Stories: Life of an Entertainer — Shooting Reality TV Overseas (Part 2)

The following day, at breakfast, I remember the others asking what had happened to me. I just told them I was jetlagged and had gone back to sleep. Little did they know that I was high as a kite and hadn’t slept the whole night.

We went on to shoot the reality show without incident. I made no love connections with any of the female celebs on the shoot.

But on the third or fourth night, something quite crazy happened.

I happened to be exiting a lift and I noticed a gentleman talking to a blonde lady with an American accent. I noticed them as the lady was very glamorous and I had seen her the day before with a guy that looked like an older Texan oil millionaire. And now, the energy between that lady and the guy seemed rather odd. I decided to mind my own business and go to the hotel bar.

As I was about to order my first drink, the guy approached me and asked if I have any condoms.
He told me he was a guest at the hotel and had just met a porno star who said she wanted to open up a sexual encounter with him. She was on her way to his room right now.

As a rock ’n roller, I asked no questions but was more than willing to help make this man’s fantasy come true. We ran, no, sprinted to my room.

When I left home I had fantasies of orgies with the celebrity contestants and so had completely over-prepared. I had brought three 12-packs of condoms, male sexual stamina pills, lubrication… what is known as a “party pack” in some parts of the world. Not to mention I still had a lot of the cocaine I had gotten from the bikers on my first night. So sparing a few condoms was no biggie.

So me and this guy, whose name I didn’t know, we’re running back to the bar and he would make his way to his room. As we turned the corner, we bumped into the blonde porno star and she told him she went to his room but there was no one there.

Then she looked me deep in the eye and, as she stroked my shoulder, said in a Southern accent, “Oh, you have chocolate with you…”

Without thinking, I offered up my room. All three of us got to my room, took off our clothes and in seconds we were in some sort of sexual pretzel.

The main rule of sandwiching a woman is that, as guys, we don’t look at each other’s equipment. It’s strictly eye contact. But my eyes strayed and I’ll be honest; people that say white guys have small dicks are just talking theory. This guy’s dick wasn’t long but it was short and stubby. Real wide. I don’t know why I just told you that.

I would be inside her while she was blowing him and vice versa. I would take coke while she was riding him and etc etc. The strangest thing which I will never forget was that every time after she gave me a blowjob he would kiss her deeply. I found that a bit disturbing.
We actually introduced ourselves to each other while this porn star was like a spit braai.

I’m not sure how long everything went on for but as quickly as it started it ended, and she told us she has to go find her husband who was playing Black Jack. I asked for a photo and she told me discretion is of utmost importance. I could not and still do not believe what happened. Being at the right place at the right time.

She actually told us to invite some more guys so we could have a gang bang – she said she was a nymphomaniac. Unfortunately, before I could do anything else, I was eliminated from the show. I might not have won the grand prize but the memories from that trip will stay with me forever. I have often been tempted to tell some of the celebrities what I got up to while they were busy being boring, but the fear of judgment had me in silence for years.

Part 1.