The Anthology of Breaking: Who Am I To Instruct God?


There is a universe where you exist better

You have loving parents

You are not neglected

Your mother does not call you a demon

Your father does not leave

You are not in pain


I pray that God guides you

I pray that God keeps you


I keep my prayers brief, however

I stick to short sentences

I stick to small declarations

I try to not get carried away

I try to not be elaborate


I try to not elaborate because if I had to elaborate, then my prayers would become instructive.


I may start instructing God to keep you for me, so that I may enjoy you.

I may find myself instructing God to guide you to me, so that we may be together.

So my prayers are short

My prayers are brief

My prayers are phrases

They do not elaborate

They do not instruct

Because who may I to instruct God?


Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash