Dirty Thoughts Pt. 2

There’s been a silence in my living room since I asked the man I love to fuck another woman while I sit comfortably in the corner of the room. He has not moved or said a word for at least 5 minutes and I’m starting to worry. I can’t read the expression on his face and this is making me a little wet and anxious at the same time.

“I’ve wanted you from the first day I saw you two cuddled up in that restaurant in Florida on 5th street. If you are a bit hesitant about this because you think I was coerced or paid to do it, honey stop. I want this as much as she does.” Moon Eyes explains, breaking the silence.

“The only way this is going to be enthralling for me is if you want to do it as much as both of us want to. You need to want her sexually the way you do me every time you see me.” I add.

He exhales deeply and looks at me. I can’t look him in the eye, so I just cower in shame and look at my feet.

Moon Eyes walks to me pulls my chin up to the view of him standing still, still staring at me. She walks right back to him and asks if she can take off his coat. He looks at her and nods. I keep looking at Moon Eyes’ seemingly silky smooth brown skin, the curved shape of her back and the dimples on her butt cheeks. I feel a sensation run down my spine. My ears start to heat up as I feel a tingling sensation as my nipples harden. god! I love the dimpled part of a person’s butt, from both sexes.

I snap out of that vision just in time to watch her take off his shirt. She moves right on to his belt and starts unbuckling. He stops her and holds on to both her hands with his right hand. I feel a ping in the pit of my tummy. I instantly get this fear that he’s going to pick up his things and walk out of this flat and my life. Maybe this is too much for him. Fuck, what was I thinking.

“I’m going to let this happen for you, for us. If this is who you are I want to be a part of it. I’m not going to lie and say that this is not thrilling or not turning me on in any way because it is. I just want to make it clear that this is unfamiliar territory for me. You are opening me up to a world I haven’t even imagined in my wildest sexual fantasies, so I may be a little awkward because that is exactly how I feel.” He says boldly while letting go of Moon Eyes’ hands and lifts his up in the air.

I exhale and smile at him from my corner. I start to relax. My muscles had tensed up with the fear of my love refusing to participate in my ‘sordid’ fantasy.

Moon Eyes quickly unbuttons his jeans and pulls his pants down. His penis pops out and points straight at me. A heatwave goes through my body at the sight of his long, thick brown penis. The heatwave shoots straight to uMamthembu making me shiver.

Moon Eyes is on her knees with her back to me.

“Turn to the side please. I want the side of your body facing me, Mtungwa please put your hands down.” I plead. “Stop thinking, start feeling, feel this moment and let your body do what it wants to. Don’t try fight it.”

He drops his hands slowly and puts his right hand on top of Moon Eyes’ head and the right on his hip. He looks at me with a worried expression on his face and I look straight into his eyes and whisper, “Let go”. He closes his eyes and starts to relax as he looks up to faces the ceiling. His hand still on her head and her on her knees in front of him.

I look at her as she wraps her hands around his penis. She exhales loudly and bites her bottom lip. I feel my heartbeat quicken. The electric sexual energy in my body heads straight down to uMamthembu. I can feel my heart beating straight from there because I know exactly what she is thinking and feeling. His penis looks filling and all you can think about when it’s in your face is licking it.

My mouth salivates while I watch Moon Eyes slowly rub her thumb on the tip of his penis. She takes it off and his semen stretches from his tip. She takes her thumb and puts it in her mouth and sucks on it.

I let out a deep breath as I feel uMamthembu rapidly contract. I can feel my heartbeat in every inch of my body making every part of my body slowly start to come to life. Desire is awakening every single part of me.

I haven’t taken my eyes off Moon Eyes’ facial expressions since she put her thumb in her mouth. I want to play with my tingling nipples, but I stop the thought as soon as I get it. Playing with myself will lead to me wanting to join and I don’t want to do that yet.

He still has his head to the ceiling.

“You said no talking during this right? Just moans and nothing else?” asks Moon Eyes.

“Yes” I faintly reply.

She takes his hand left hand off her head and the other off his hip and puts both on her breasts. He exhales deeply, looks down at her and lowers his body to a slight squatting position while squeezing both her petite breasts. She licks the tip of his penis while putting her hands behind her back and starts circling and flicking the tip with her tongue.

I can hear him breathing a little louder, losing a bit of his control with every lick. I sink into desire and let it take me as I listen carefully to the passionate sounds in the room.

I put my hands together and rub each of my palms with my thumbs. I’m trying to feel as much of the feelings surfacing from my body as possible. My hands are sweaty and heated as fuck. I can feel my underwear get wet. It gets wetter every time I hear him exhale from enjoyment. My eyes are still fixed on his penis, her hands and her face.

She kisses his tip and slides her lips down his penis and deepthroats. He takes his hands away from her breast and puts it at the back of her head and thrusts, slowly. “Oh, shit!” he shouts. Moon Eyes slurps, sucks and hums with his penis fully in. He’s lost all control and and I can tell that he has stopped thinking. He is all in at this moment.

She moves her lips up and down his wet penis. The sound the movement makes gets my opening of uMamthembu throbbing. She spits and gives him a hand job while staring at him. He has not stopped looking at her and his penis since she started licking him. The lustful desire for each other has uMamthembu dripping. There is a volcano rising in my body and it is about to explode at any moment. I am so wet, so turned on and so filled with desire that I can feel an orgasmic like energy building up from the contractions happening involuntarily in uMamthembu. I fall into a trance-like state because of the pleasure in this room and in my body.

I am consumed by what is happening in front of me. The passion, the lust.

Moon Eyes pulls his penis from her mouth and grabs his penis with both hands. The left at the bottom and the right on top and she twists and turns her hands around his slippery penis while her mouth is enclosed on the tip of it.

I want to flick my nipples so badly, The sexual energy is so intensely overwhelming that I want to touch myself, but I will not touch myself. I need to be fully present when he cums. I need to only explode once he touches me when she has gone home and its just him and I reveling in the aftermath of this.

“Damn!’ he shouts as Moon Eyes gargles his balls in her mouth and thumb slowly rubbing his tip. I look up at his face and I can see that he is about to let it out. The vulnerability all over his face the protruding veins on his neck make me want him to cum for me. I have never had this much desire to fuck him before. It’s as if the lust inside of me is a magnet and he is iron.

I can hardly get the words I need to say to him out. The desire has caught my tongue.

“Cum” I manage to softly utter.

He lifts his head from Moon Eyes and looks at me with his eyes almost shut.

“Cum Mtungwa” I repeat a little louder while I crawl slowly towards them.

He doesn’t grunt or moan like most men when he comes, he shakes as if he’s having a spasm while he lets it all out.

He offloads in her mouth and slowly sits down on the floor next to me and Moon Eyes.

“Give it back” I whisper as I touch her lips. I grab the side of her head towards me and kiss her. She opens her mouth and I suck in his cum and swallow it. I lick the outline of her lips and turn around to face him.

“There is this desire burning inside of me for you that only you can put out.” I whisper to him as I put my forehead onto his.

He stares at me, lifts his head up and kisses my forehead, I can feel a smile forming on his face. “Did you just swallow my sperm from the mouth of another woman?”

“Yes I did,” I say grinning. I put both my hands on the sides of his face, pull him down and kiss him deeply, passionately.

“Are you ready to fuck her?” I ask.

“No,” he says… “I am ready to fuck you, fucking another women can wait.”

Writer: The Big Booty Thug