We’ve been chatting all afternoon about fucking and I’ve been grinning at my screen like a naughty school girl. After a long thread of erotic texting he says he wants to see me and I agree because I’ve been craving his kisses all week long. With excitement, I get off the couch to rid myself of my work clothes and quickly jump into a bathtub filled with cold water. I’m keeping my mind on the little things I do like drying my body and applying roll-on, so that I do not let my mind run wild with all the pleasure I’m about to bask in. My phone beeps as I finish putting on my bareback orange dress,

“I’m here.”

As soon as I read the text I look outside my window and smile as I see his silver car parked downstairs at the gate. I feel my vaginal muscles loosen up a bit. I quickly put on my slippers and walk down trying to keep my mind off my wetness. I open the gate and take a deep breath as he makes his way towards me. As I scan his body with lust, I notice he has a black leather pouch under his arm, but I don’t pay much attention to it, as I shift my gaze back to his body. A flashback of our last encounter interrupts and I shiver at the thought.

“Hey stranger!” he says, as he comes closer to hug me.

“Hey there.” I reply, with a slight grin on my face as reaches out and I take in his smell.

We walk up in silence and I smile as he lifts my orange dress playfully. We walk past the living room and head straight to my dark bedroom. He switches on the light as I sit on my bed with a slight creak. I finally get a proper glimpse of his eyes as the light instantly fills the room. His eyes make me want to rip off his clothes and have my way with him. He walks towards me and sits in front of the middle of the bed.

“I don’t want us to fuck today,” he says, opening up his pouch.

“So what are we to do?” I ask, leaning in closer to kiss his thin lips. He stops me. I am close enough to feel his hot breath on my upper lip.

“You can’t touch me yet.” he says as he pulls out a bunch of photo clippings from his pouch.

I wait for him to say what this is all about but he says nothing as he assembles images of naked women and men, black porn stars and nude art of women posing, fucking and sucking. Combinations of women alone, in couples, threesomes and orgies fill the centre between us.

“So this is what I want us to do,” he explains to me. “We study them all. For fifteen minutes or so, but you are not allowed to touch me or yourself. The point is to get aroused till you feel like you are going to come in your pants.”

He starts taking off his clothes, leaving his underpants on.

“Fifteen minutes. I don’t think I can last that long,” I say, already getting wet.

“Just try. Believe me, it’s worth it. You’ll feel a buzz afterwards, rejuvenated.”

I feel a little excitement build up as I stare at the images on the bed between us.

“Fuck!” We sit among the feast of images, staring. I look lustfully at them and slowly move my gaze to the erection in his underwear. My vaginal muscle clenches involuntarily as I think about what his penis can do.

I let out a deep exhale as he grins at the images. I look back down to find an image I like. One catches my eye and I study it closely. It is of a well-built, dark skinned man fucking a woman from the back, his thighs muscular and defined. I want to lick him.

We sigh in unison, breathing more heavily.

After fifteen minutes, I’m ready to explode. He seems to sense this and starts packing images back into his pouch. We then lie next to each other on the bed, not touching, even though I am dying to feel his penetration. My mind swirls as I stare at the ceiling trying hard not to look at him because all I’ll want to do is give in and ask to be fucked.

“You can touch yourself now. Try and touch yourself at least for thirty minutes.” He says, already stimulating himself.

“That long. How do you do it?” I say.

“Experience. Trust me.” he replies. “Visualise our sex.”

“Visualise our sex, huh?” I say, taking my already hemmed up dress off, wearing nothing else underneath. With the lights on we masturbate. I rub my clit and I start to moan. At this point I am so wet I can’t wait to orgasm. Moans start to quicken as I close my eyes.

“Steady, hold it back” he says, “The point is, the longer you go, the deeper you see into your own sexuality.”

I slow down. “How are you doing?” I ask. The bed is shaking, creaking a little.

“Fine. I’m enjoying my dream boat,” he says. With my eyes closed I hear him panting a bit more.

We keep at it for about thirty minutes. I use my anus as a kind of control pad; my right hand, playing with my nipple while stimulating my clit with the left. Enough to avoid fingering myself because I know that will be the end of me.

“I can’t go on for much longer. I have to come,” I say urgently.

“Okay, just a minute” he says as he keeps wanking. “Picture the tip of my penis teasing the entrance of your vagina.” I moan with lust at the thought. “Picture the tip of my penis circling the entrance of your vagina and picture me dipping the top selfishly, slowly, but not entirely into your vagina. Once you have that image in your head, just let go.” He says panting heavily, on the brink of release.

I do as told with my fingers as he asked me to imagine with his penis. I slowly start entering the tip of my middle finger inside me with my right hand pinching my nipple. “Fuck!” I whisper, feeling myself start to crumble. He starts to groan next to me and the sound of him now coming brings me past the tipping point. I put my whole finger inside me and start to shake vigorously as I accelerate towards the ecstasy of what’s beyond. We come together, ecstatic as he releases a flood of sperm. We lie still in the aftermath and sigh, satiated.

Writer: The Big Booty Thug