Mini Cooper Countryman – Car For New Fathers

I remember early in 2017, Mini invited me to the media launch and we drove though the Natal midlands and the Countryman handled its own very well. The Mini Countryman is called an SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) and its meant to handle difficult terrain. Now I believe that before you buy an SUV or SAV you need to test drive it on difficult roads. I found this car very versatile between the city and outback. The new Mini Countryman is bigger than the previous model, 200 mm longer to be specific. The technology in the new Mini Countryman is updated and some of the features I didn’t expect in a Mini like the distance control while the car is on cruise control, I love that feature especially when you are on a road trip. It’s such a practical car no matter the environment, I loved it more on gravel road because i think this is what it’s made for. It’s very spacious even though it doesn’t look like it, I was able to fit in comfortably at the back and I am 1,8 meters tall.

If you recently started a family and you are looking for the perfect car for your small family, the new Countryman is the perfect car for you. I was not a Mini fan 2 years ago but it seems like I am now. I am at a point where I am beginning to think about having a family and even my thoughts towards cars have changed. I wouldn’t buy the 4 series now because it doesn’t make sense, but the Mini Countryman is something I would look into it. It’s much more family friendly without losing the stylish and practical part of it – off road and in the city. The boot space is 450 litres and it expands to 1390 litres if you fold the rear seat down, they feature a picnic cushion which folds out from under the boot floor. I would recommend the Cooper S model because it has more power (reacts quicker) and the navigating screen is much wider as well. The Mini Countryman also has the tailgate button that comes in handy now and again, oh and also the keyless option of opening the car when your key is in your pocket is really cool. The back camera also helps when it comes into parking in tricky areas, the Countryman is a big car you definitely need some help when it comes to that. The sound system is decent and the model I was driving came with a sunroof – it’s such a great car for road trips and the drive is also comfortable.


The Mini Countryman is such a fun family car that doesn’t seem like one and its not as boring as one would imagine a family car would be, this one is funky. I can imagine that as much as you are a parent, this is not all that you are, if you are a parent that still wants to have fun, this is for you. It’s not bad on petrol either, I can see those trips to midlands or the coast with this car. Don’t let the family car thing fool you, the countryman goes from 0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds, topping out at 224km/h. Starting prices is from R422 000 to R509 500 before adding options.