Exclusive Interview with Loyiso Madinga

We are so proud of you here at Marvin because we have been there since the beginning and we are so happy to see that we were right about you. Thank you for making the time for this interview.

Q: You started you career in Advertising and after a couple of few years there was something missing and you quit your job and travelled for a few months. Now looking back to that time, how impactful was that decision back then to where you are right now.

There was something missing from day one. I knew it, but rock ‘n roll culture of advertising can very easily silence that voice inside you that’s trying to tell you the truth of the matter. Quitting my job the first time was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was privileged enough to be in a position to travel and that’s still revealing itself in many ways in my life to this day. One thing I learnt on my travels was that it’s really much simpler than we make it out to be. Being in foreign countries without a plan but still have amazing experiences showed me that you don’t have to have it all figured out, you just have to be on the path you want to be on and that’ll give you what you need.

Q: After you won the comedy competition in South Africa, you got a chance to showcase your talent outside of South Africa. Did that change how you see comedy?

It affirmed my desires. From when I started I knew I wanted to do this on a world stage and when we performed in Montreux to a good reception, I knew that there is a place for me beyond our borders.

Q: With you now being the Africa correspondent for the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, what does that actually mean and what does it mean for you? Are you going to move to the States now?

The ANC field piece that has aired on the show is a pilot. The Daily Show has never had international correspondents and content so they’re trying this out. What’s really great about this is that they’re piloting a new concept for the show in Africa and not in another “established” industry in some “first world” country. That’s a real nod to the hard work and quality of our comedy here on the continent. So, for us, we just wanted to create a really good piece so that this concept continues which would be a really great legacy for Trevor. This will open so many doors for comedy around the world. So we have the pressure of making the powers that be believe in its value for the show and move forward with it.

Q: With you always traveling abroad and to the United States was this always the plan for your career?

I try to get to NYC at least twice a year to do comedy there. I mean, if you can, why wouldn’t you? It’s the comedy Mecca. I’ve learnt so much already from my trips there. And it’s just a great city to be in.

Q: You haven’t been doing this comedy thing for over 10 years and you are already going worldwide, how are others who have been doing this for longer periods of time reacting to your great achievements?

Fortunately, there is great “comedy-raderie” (camaraderie) amongst comedians. What you mustn’t forget is that the older comics built this thing I’m enjoying now. They took this thing from nothing and made it possible for a whole generation of young comics to be on the come up. I honestly don’t know how they did it. This game is tough under the best circumstances. They’ve all been really supportive because it’s not hard to see how this is a win for comedy as a whole. It’s definitely not about me alone.

Q: With the world changing and the internet, with a lot of focus on the negative impact men have made in this world, how do we as men try to be better and do better?

We just do better. We’re still unlearning a lot but what you do learn you must adopt into your life as a way to just be better. We’re not gonna be perfect but one thing I know about women is that they recognise effort and when they see you trying to be better it’ll make their world an easier place to live in.

Q: Who would you want to see on the cover of the next Marvin edition? 

The parents of the people who we put on covers of magazines.