Show Us Your Souce …

It’s that time of the year again where everyone is on holiday and I’m hoping that everyone is with their friends, family and loved ones. Its been a challenging year in general but for some it has been a bad year, while for some it has been an amazing year. What I love about this time is that you get to reflect and go home, home is where the love resides. Most people will drive home with some expectations from relatives as well, others will be asked when they are getting married, while others will be introducing the new bae to the family and others will be presenting their new cars to the or hosting their families in their new homes.

For some, this will be the first  set of holidays without their loved ones, which will be much more difficult for them while others will for the first time  realise that they have no home to go to because the people that made the house a home, are gone. While this experience is a difficult one to navigate through, they have to turn their house into a home, they have to start new traditions with new people and keep the family name and spirit alive.

When you do your checklist with regards to what you have achieved this year or not, I hope that you are proud of the person you have become. With all the lessons you have learned and the struggles endured this year, I hope that you have planned better and you will make better, wiser & bigger moves in 2018. I hope that you come for everything in the following year and remember that all that you have done this year was a foundation for the year to come.

The one thing I absolutety love about this time of the year is family, it has proven to be the best time for road trips. Key to share is that road trips will force you to engage with your family and whatever issues you guys may have had in the past somehow might also get resolved during the trip. I discovered that my mother and grandmother were actually quite funny during road trips and they would tell tales of how naughty I was growing up, that alone gives you a different perspective of who your parents are as human beings, you begin to view them in a different light.

So when I partnered with Shell on the #5in5 Show Me Your Source competition, thats what came into my mind a nice road trip in a new BMW and obviously I love the BMW brand because they have been very good to us this year. Imagine buying a pie and winning a BMW. Obviously to those who know me, know that  I will get involved with anything that has a pie in it and promote my pie eating ways (Pepper Steak to be particular). So Shell is giving away 5 BMWs in 5Weeks! To enter the competition by visiting Shell, purchase at Shell and SMS “BMW” followed by your name to 32210 or dial * 120 * 32210# #5in5 #Shell #saucing #ShellRocks