Marvin’s Spring Look-Book

It has sprung and it is time to put a pep-in-your spring. This part of the season has been a happy tune to me. Growing up as a kid and playing in the rain after school was everything to any child. The sun is up, wind blowing humid and rain showering kisses of delight to the skin and into the heart. The tank of happiness is fueled over and over again. I could not wait to get home and play some more in the rain, in my multi-colored basketball outfit. A powder blue and Red vest with a green trim finishing on the shoulders and matching shorts. I mean these colours yelled out Spring from afar. Happiness was in the air. Outdoor living is upon us.

Color being the visual that lingers around emotions so very often. This is the season that allows one to play with different shades. Find colors you comfortable in, as these findings will pave a way for a spring wardrobe you want and will admire. Be bold to be your own trend. Pair your colours up nicely. Select Grays, Blues, Yellows, Khakis, navy and Reds. The colors give an amazing silhouette during this type of season and will also give direction to how easy you can play match up. It is the perfect time to start investing in your spring wear.

Lightweight Trench Coat

A light trench is a spectacle when it comes to layering, it looks amazing over a suit and also splendid paired with jeans and a T-shirt. Perfect swap for when your jersey starts to look and feel heavy. Adhere to colors that pair nicely without confronting the entire outfit. Your khaki, Gray and the navy blue to spice up the look and to accentuate your character.


A windbreaker is a must have as our spring season can unpack a chilly and rainy gesture, a need to have one in your closet. Get a proper windbreaker that is part utility.

Board Shorts

Board shorts give a wide selection of styles to select from, especially with their oceanic graphics, solid and pinstriped colors. With a strict slim fit finish. A great item for a “lekker” weekend outing with the family and friends, and suitable for daily wear and swimming. You will be sorted and armed with the perfect item.


These have been around for ages and have character. They now come in more colors than the traditional shades we were used to. Bermudas offer that mature feel and comfort. One can pair them nicely with a solid colored Golf shirt and sandals or even loafers. With this item, a picnic awaits you and more.


Sandals are an accessory these days, a good pair will see you crack any look.  With jeans, chinos or even shorts, you will be in style without trying too hard. They are a great spring dress up or down look. Be sure to acquire a good pair that is not too full or bulky on your feet, a slim tailored finish is the deal. This finishing of detail will give shape to the foot.


Loafers are perfect this season as they offer comfort beyond measure. The soft leather does wonders to feet. With no laces to tie your upper foot down and cause discomfort, you aught to have them. With offering of versatility in dressing.

Secret Socks

Secret socks play an important undercover agent-role. Offering comfort to the feet and providing less heat. Perfect for sneakers and loafers. Invest in these agents, they are there protect you.


Get a pair that is first appropriate and in proportion with your facial frame, having this you will avoid the norm of just buying eyewear because. Make sure your selected eyewear offers UV-Ray protection for your eyes.

Caps and Hats

These two are tools to have. I’m certain we all have them…somewhere. They are great in protecting from the sun and also are a great fashion statement add-ons. Get a few caps and a couple of hats for your smiles.


This is to keep you prepared for the rainy playlist”. Be assured to get an umbrella that is strong enough to handle the unpleasant gusty winds and the rain. However please stick to your black and gray for that professional look. Make sure it is compact to can contain the seasons “pleasures”.

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is to give both a casual and professional look throughout. Make sure it is padded enough to can hold off water from sipping into the bag. Avoid leather and go with a Canvased bag, to keep things visually light to the eye. Get one to stay sharp and ready.

Complete these looks with your personal taste, touch and confidence as no one is you”. However do visit your retailers to compare styles and to find what’s waiting for you this spring. The Marvin Mans complete must haves. Spring yourself up.

Writer: Sefenya “Bans” Theka