The Understanding of Love.

It is funny how we as men react to love, I’m talking real love here – I’m talking the kind of love that would make you fall for a prostitute, not that you were looking for a prostitute to love but the girl you love happens to be a prostitute. I’m talking about that girl your entire family hates but you give no fucks because you love her and you even can’t quantify why. Like I said in my previous article, I pray for the kind of girl whose whereabouts I would not need to enquire about at 4 in the morning.

All in all, women are all the same because if women were really different, then we wouldn’t complain about the same thing. (Men are all the same by the way)

“I don’t think that’s it. I think everybody’s got that special someone that gets under their skin and doesn’t go away. I think maybe you have that particular fungal property for him.”― Hank Moody

Now, every guy encounters that girl who’ll just fuck up your shit, swag, awesomeness or whatever the young kids call it nowadays. Its the kinda girl that either makes or ruins your day, depending on whether you guys are on talking terms or not. Oh, I forgot to mention that you don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship with such a girl for her to be able to mess up your style. I had such a girl once, I would call her Eskom because every time she was around I would go blank – like I’d do dumb shit like forgetting my own cellphone number that I’ve been using for the last 10 years.

So, in the last episode of Californication, Karen is Hank Moody’s Eskom/Achilles heel/kryptonite – no matter where you go and whom you sleep with to forget about her, I will tell you this, buddy, you will fail. She will surface in that moment when you think you got it all figured out and you’re about to marry the love of your life and you get cold feet because you realize she is everything you hate and love at the same time. I’ve seen this happen once.

The messed up thing about us men is that we don’t understand emotions at all, but we know what feels right and what doesn’t – we know what’s close to the realest love there is and what’s not. We can try to recreate it but no man has succeeded in that section. So, I say if you have an Eskom/Achilles heel/kryptonite out there somewhere and you are not with them because of pride (obviously pride is the enemy of love) you must go get them.