Wardrobe Adjustments For The Marvin Men

As a young man I have always wondered as to how does a man, become wardrobe ready. It became a bliss for me, seeing fathers, uncles and Brothers dressed up at all times. Jeans, Pants, shirts, T-shirts, Jackets and shoes, clothe a man. This gave me the urge to wanna look good always. But as men, our objectives are to work and provide for our loved ones. I then began questioning myself as to how come some men don’t go a little extra into looking Fashion ready and current. The answer is simple, some know how to put it together and some don’t even care but will rush to go look for an outfit just because. Gents” we know how much we like being simple but yet proper. Especially in places of social scenery and work space-environments. Remember that event you had to dress up for and I mean bringing it all to the fore so you and your partner can look good. Oops! “Beautiful together”, As the ladies would say. Well, you did not. Talking about, I’m not into fashion (“Nna ha ke rate diaparo, o’Maka). We all have felt under dressed for an occasion at some point. It happens. The plan is to not go through it again.

However, It could be what you have requires a tweak’ of tailoring or a new refreshment of wardrobe. To bring the cool and sophisticated spunk back. Know that you don’t have to break bank to be on par. I believe the best dressed men are those who do not try too hard and don’t dress like mannequins, but those who know what to do with the fundamentals of basic clothing. Creating your own style is great but be vigilant to what works and what does not, as Simplicity is for now and forever-always”. It will do you wonders going forward.

Colour is the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye”.

Let’s, for a moment put the colour Black on hold. We’ve seen what the colour can do and how traditional it has become over the years. Although. Being able to re-use what you have and pairing it with the new, relies in the Colours you ought to select. Be friendly with it. Colour. We recommend the Navy Blue, Grey and Khaki and of course White. These are utility shades both for work and play. Giving a gradual feel into enhancing your look and your wardrobe. While making you look on-point without having to break a sweat. They take an outfit to a classic and yet timeless stratosphere. You never look too much to the eye. Note of importance, always get what suits your body type.

A jacket is an item of high caliber, you cannot have one! It simply provides presence. Imagine you out dining your partner and suddenly it rains as you walk out, what do you do. You gladly as a gentlemen offer it to her. Now, think of yourself in an untimely blizzard without one… making sense yeah! Because you now thinking I have to invest in one, of course. Go with a navy blue, Grey or Khaki colou red. These colours compliment each other all the time. With a distinct allowance to layering.

I mean anyone can go buy a shirt but it does not have to end there. There are a few red flags to check out for. You need to make sure that the following are adhered to.

* A shirts collar has to be proportional to your face(sounds weird, but works) if not lose it.

* Apply certainty that the shoulder line fits perfectly and it tucks in well without giving bulges. Jeans and Pants: These two items simply make a wardrobe. Bringing the perfect fit and cut you will be ready. Be cautious in applying these features.

*The waist should be slightly tight as jeans stretch over time. Try them with no belt to get the exact fit. Make sure you able to fit your thumb around the waistline.

*Inseam is the length of the crotch, make sure you don’t go too tight and cause discomfort. *For style or cut, go for a regular-slim straight leg. This type of denim gives you just enough leg room, a clean tailored cut that is not too baggy and not too tight. Offering an overall classic cut.

*Colours, Blue and Grey in jeans. The contrasts will accentuate the silhouette giving a visual effect of the design and enough variety to try with shirts and T-shirts.

*Pants stick to your Navy blue, Grey and Khaki. These three(3) shades offer a great dress up or down look. We also suggest the same fittings adhered to on jeans.

Please Gents, let’s avoid shoes with unrealistic designs. Large soles, over stitching and a colour that’ll just mess your outfit. Shoes are a deal maker in any outfit. Make sure you get a good solid colour and not too bright. The cut must accommodate your feet. A good pair has to do with a minimal number of lace holes followed by a slight-round finish by the toes, so to allow comfort and a breathable feet. The sole should be fine enough to keep the whole proportion of the shoe in balance. The lesser the better. This will Give a clean finish to the “Marvin Men’s” outfit.

Writer: Sefenya “Bans” Theka