BMW Looks Set To Revive 8-Series …

“And just why would BMW need a large GT type car? Look no further than the Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe”

It used to roam global streets, including here in RSA, about 20 years ago. It was a big and badass BMW coupe and an object of great desire. These days it’s a highly sort-after collector’s item and having been kept in the ice-box since then, it seems the revival of the BMW 8-Series nameplate is at its firmest and will rise once again.


Caught doing the rounds recently at a BMW facility in Germany appears to be an early prototype of a large size GT coupe that punters reckon is that of a new 8-Series.

And just why would BMW need a large GT type car? Look no further than the Mercedes-Benz S-Coupe. Just a few months ago the Munich-based carmaker revealed that it filed trademarks for several 8-Series variants, and now what we see could be the grand tourer in the metal.

The styling of this 8-Series prototype appears to be very similar in design to the Gran Lusso concept BMW showed in 2013. The Pininfarina-designed show car was presented as a top-level coupe to compliment the 7-Series sedan.


In fact, the 8-Series is believed to be based on the same basic architecture as the new 7-Series. That should give the 8-Series a relatively light curb weight thanks to the use of advanced materials such as a carbon fibre infused core. The 8-Series is likely to use highly tuned V8s from the M stable and the 12-cylinder engines from used in both Rolls Royce and 7-Series sedan.

The 8-Series will initially launch as a coupe, but other body styles could be made available, such as a rag top. BMW might even test the waters with a four-door Gran Coupe version.

Look for the BMW 8-Series to launch as early as 2019.