2016 Young Women Queens of Advertising

Never before have the young females of advertising been appreciated in this manner. We felt it was both imperative and important that they get appreciated and exposed to both the industry and world at large.

Amacreatives came up with the idea to gather some of the ladies in a short time at one venue to share, network and finally get to meet each other in one evening from all their prospective fields. These ranged from the current award winning students, the independent, the agency, the entrepreneurs and the lively passionate passionate individuals who continue to embrace and push the boundaries in this creative industry.

Amacreatives have always appreciated women’s month creatively from 2012, to now. However this year was by far the largest and the most potent of them all. We may not have had all the ladies that have paved the way but this was a beginning of possibly a movement that should be acknowledged and taken advantage of from here-forth.

Womandla, imbokodo, blackgirlsrock, blackgirlmagic … just some of the trending terms that we are highlighting in showing current recognition of the collective thought of women in South Africa, Africa and globally.

This was a night of joy, flair, happiness and a stage where the ladies could look beautiful in their own personalities and celebrate themselves being amazing and being an important part of humanity as our mothers, wifes, girlfriends, sisters, career women and just plain slaying Black Queens of Africa. A night that will never be forgotten and the work proves for itself.