Dj BrownPepperAnn Presents Marvin’s Room Mixing August 2016

Marvin is a friend of mine…

It was September when I met Marvin.

He was warm and grey and just the right size for a girl my age.

He spoke blue skies and big smiles

A lot of quirk and a little sophosticaton


By the time summer rolled around we knew each other

And on sad days he would call me, seeking refuge


He would tell me grand love stories

Vivid imaginings of he and I taking on the world,

Then resting easy alongside one another on Sunday mornings


We may have had it, I think…

The end of a solmn despair

And then we remembered that barefoot Saturdays and ice-cream are a fleeting farce.


Marvin is a friend of mine and I FlighHIgh