Blowing Her Own Socks Off …

There is a belief that women don’t like oral sex, changing this myth will have you practising oral sex for your own pleasure while he gets what he wants too.
Do it because you want to and watch your enjoyment change.

These are not rules but guidelines. There are no rules. Use your body and be driven by that.
Step 1: Let him know that you are in charge. Get on top of him. or get a firm grip on his penis.
Step 2: Caress his inner thighs. Looking at his penis the whole time.
Step 3: Massage his balls gently, alternating them between your fingers. Or you can suck on them here if you prefer.
Step 4: Run your nose from the base of his penis to the tip. Take in his masculine scent and heat.
Step 5: Lick the tip of his penis, teasing it gently with your tongue.
Step 6: Lick the shaft
Step 7: Take him whole in your mouth. Suck for your pleasure. Make sure his penis is well lubricated with your saliva or a flavored lubricant.
Step8: Deep throat him.
Tip: behind your gag reflex is a “sweet spot”, get his penis  there. You will feel sensation in your own body. Enjoy it.
Step 9: Continue to suck him and deep throat him between intervals. Don’t forget to massage his balls.
Tip: if his penis is too long to fit in your mouth use your free hand up and down the shaft, make sure it is also lubricated.
Step 10: Suck for your pleasure. Have fun with his penis.
Tip: the messier it gets the hotter is is. Let your inner vixen drive you.

Writer: Jade Zwane