Marvin Conversations with PowerFM 98.7: As Men, Do We Know How To Engage With Women And Engage On Women’s Issues?

As men, do we know how to engage with women and engage on women’s issues?

We are sons, brothers, uncles, husbands, boyfriends, friends of women who deal with a myriad of economic, physical, mental and sexual assaults on each and every day.

In 2016 silence is tantamount complicity. We can’t just throw around imaginary threats about how you’d kill anyone who harms your daughter.

Our silence is hurting the people we claim to love. These things are happening to them while we are in these women’s lives. Here’s what the rape stats are actually say to you: Homeboy there’s very high probability that bae is going to get raped. Many of the women who get raped, THEY HAVE BOYFRIENDS! And it didn’t happen because she was being a hoe. It happened because a guy just like you felt entitled to do it. Yet we still believe that it’s not our problem because we didn’t hurt anyone.

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