Male Body Parts Women Love …

Guys are often overheard saying they are a breast man or a butt man. Perhaps they are into thighs or lips. But women don’t often get as much air time to share the parts they are most into, and why. Some of the contenders may surprise you!

“It’s not just your sexy parts that we love. It’s the parts that make us feel something. Because when you make us feel, that’s when you’ve got us,” says dating expert Laurel House.

1. Torso

Whether you’ve got a six-pack or a dad bod, there is something that draws many women to your abdomen. “It could be its warmth, but it may also be the intimacy associated with touching a body part that is reserved for the one closest to you. Most parts of your body receive attention in public — you shake hands on a daily basis, you may wrap your arms around other loved ones and even your butt gets the occasional pat on the field from teammates — but running our hands along your stomach is reserved for the most intimate of encounters,” says Dr. Jess, Astroglide’s resident sexologist.

2. Eyes

My favorite part of a male is his eyes. “While eye-gazing can be uncomfortable at first, I find it improves connection and fun in (and out of!) the bedroom,” says  Makenzie Marzluff, a 27-year old female entrepreneur and practicer of Tantra and Sacred Sex. Before physical touch and intercourse, sit facing each other and look into each other’s eyes for 10+ minutes. “Within intimacy, maintain a relaxed gaze on your partner. It’s OK to sometimes close your eyes and go ‘inward,’ however there is much to discover physically, mentally and spiritually if you stay really present with your partner and use his/her eyes as a gateway to deeper connection with him/her and with Self,” says Marzluff.

Allow your intimate connection to begin even before you get to the bedroom! “For instance, if you’re on a date, eye gaze with your date while conversing and/or during silence. Stay relaxed, present and open and enjoy how the rest of the evening unfolds,” says Marzluff.

3. Arms

“I have a thing for male forearms as I think they give me some great insights to a guy, like:

  • Muscular? “They likely work out. And thus may have some other muscular body parts to be discovered.”
  • Hairy? “Likely a hairy chest.”
  • Pasty and no muscles? “Likely pasty and wimpy everywhere.”

“I especially enjoy it when a guy wears a long sleeved shirt and then rolls up the cuffs. That’s like foreplay to me! So I’m sure to explain to my dates (the ones with great forearms) just how sexy I find that body part to be and the smart ones usually are glad to oblige often!” says Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN, the voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating!, a speaker, coach, screenwriter and award-winning author.

4. Mouth

A truly sensual kiss mimics another form of intimacy. “Women are drawn to a sexy mouth, because it means he could be a great kisser and hopefully bring that mouth down between her legs and know what to do. She’ll pick up on cues by the way you kiss her, teasing her with your tongue, and chances are if she likes what she sees/feels, she’ll yearn for that tongue to venture south,” says Lora Somoza, a sex columnist and host of Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza.

5. Smile

Related to the mouth is the magnetism of your smile. “A big nice smile and juicy lips! It’s not just men who notice this feature; women think about a man’s kissable factor when they look at his face. And a good smile is a sign that the guy is warm and kind, which is a turn-on for most women,” says Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing), and that smile is even more potent with a strong jawline. “A strong jawline, for some women, signals that he’s masculine and has a healthy dose of testosterone.”

6. Hands

You know what they say about hands… “Being touched both in private and in public by a pair of strong hands, even if it’s not sexual, but just the slightest purposeful contact between two people gives you that instant connection and intimacy. The great thing about your lover’s hands is they can alternate from being soft and sensual to firm and attention grabbing and that balance is incredibly sexy,” says Tali Alexander, romance author of Love In Rewind and Lies In Rewind.

7. Back

Many women love to scratch a man’s back when they are having passionate sex with the man on top. “To her, [a strong back] adds up to rough sex and speaks to her deepest desires – let’s say, her animal instinct. Scratching also gives her another strong feeling: the fact that her nails are “entering” her man’s back makes her feel a deeper connection,” says Mauro D’Andrea, founder of Efficacious Seduction.

8. Hair

A woman really enjoys pulling a man’s head by his hairs when he is giving oral sex to her. “This gives her control over the intensity of the oral sex: when she wants more intense stimulation, she just has to pull the man’s head stronger. Another reason for this is that women love to pull men — or men’s body parts — at them…” says D’Andrea. Hint: It recalls the penetration.

9. Face

Yes, women love the eyes and smile. But the whole face tells a story, and that’s why women notice it fast. “It’s telling,” says Dr. Cory Honickman, a sex and love expert. “We see a man’s intentions in his facial expressions and of course it’s where the eyes are.”

10. Back

Men love the curve of a woman’s back. Interestingly, women love this on a man as well, but for a different reason. “It represents the strength of a man and all he carries with him that makes him who we love,” says Dr. Honickman.

11. Butt

A lot of women like to pull a guy’s butt, both before sex and during sex. “Before sex this makes her feel the man better, increases physical contact and allows a more pleasurable rubbing — all things that increase her arousal. During sex, this allows her to control the man’s penetration speed and/or to encourage the man to go deeper. The result is that she will enjoy sex way more,” says D’Andrea.

But one area not getting all that much love? The scrotum! “I can only say what women most assuredly do NOT love, and that is our scrotums. I held a scrotal beauty contest last year and the results showed that no matter what the scrotum looked like, women gave them all equally low scores. I think there is not a less loved male body part. So guys should keep that in mind,” said Brian Sloan, inventor of the AutoBlow 2.

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