You Probably Love A Man That Hates You, Worst Of All Is You Both Don’t Know. (Part 1)

It is possible and it may be happening right now in your relationship even if you were woken up this morning by a text from him. He may have even gone on one knee a few months ago, and you agreed. Maybe when you take a look at the mirror you can hardly recognize yourself.  Somehow you find yourself cringing at all the birthdays and celebrations you missed because of your man. There is a plethora of ways to show affection and they have been well documented. However there are even more ways a person may show they hate you but for some inexplicable psychological reason women and men alike can’t always notice that these are signs of hatred not love.

Death Beds.

I have written ad nauseum about this subject. Society has almost unanimously agreed that a man cheating is as seasonal as summer and rain. There are articles and books that explain why men cheat on good women and it is well argued that it is not that a man loves a woman less when he cheats on her. Women cheat emotionally with men, and surprisingly there is a deplorable number of women who aren’t aware or who won’t admit that emotional cheating is as hell’s ovens worthy as sexual cheating. They keep that one guy that fills in the spark, long and deep conversations arousing warm feelings in sacred places inside her abdomen. Places that can only be reached by ample time, intelligent conversation and humour in her dimmed bedroom with her phone. These are conversations her man long lost interest in having with her during late nights and early mornings. He gets there with a proper thrust inside her cervix on a random Wednesday, while the other guy is waiting for reply to a “Hey”. Nonetheless the fresh new guy revives familiar feelings reminding her the early days of her current relationship, which has not yet run its course. It may be close or maybe not. It’s all good. Personal indulgence creates no harm, as long as the other party never finds out.

So how does cheating mean a person hates someone they love? Cheating starts with all sorts of cautions. Regular use of condoms and blood tests for those who take extra care in their coquettish or Casanova maneuvers. While some just ask a simple question “uya-tracker?”, “when was your last test and what was the result?” Some say it in passing and not really as a question but something like this “I hope awu-tracki yaz” just right before they go full sushi. Others just slip into the coffin on one drunk and horny night out, only to wake up between a hangover and the prospect of a first day with the virus in their blood stream.

You see, cheating creates trust, yes. After a few months with a said side plate some men start sub-maining her and that means they are confident they can trust her to be faithful to them. So between the man and the lady there is a bond and loyalty. You could be any of the people I am talking about. For purposes of courtesy let’s use the terms “The Side plate” and “The lady”. The Lady has accepted your man and you as part of her life. She is “cool” with it, as long as your man does not fuck anyone else but you she will be loyal to him. And your man accepts the deal on condition that as long as she fucks only him, he will remain faithful to her. Then the condom is replaced by pull-outs and trips to the pharmacy on random mornings. It‘s all good.

But wait! This deal is between a person that is lying to the person he claims he loves most and a person who is harbouring a fugitive on her bed. A person who is looking for a man to call her own, very much clear on the reality that your man will probably never be hers. So while she is very faithful to him, she has to take up one or two options that occur. While you and your man are busy celebrating Valentine’s days and Sundays together, some guy is probably keeping her company, vulnerable, moist, and nailed! She gets the virus she won’t be able to tell your man she slept with someone raw. Your man will later go raw his way through your canal and he won’t be able to tell you that he has just went butcher on a The Lady earlier that day. You want your cock and how will he even begin to tell you to consider using condoms from that day onward till he is sure that he is clear. You know very well that that day will be the end of your relationship, which at this moment, is an inconceivable idea. In this situation you have been figuratively been murdered by someone who wanted to “protect” the relationship from breaking. Someone who wanted to “keep you happy” by not letting you know what just happened. Someone who took the risk “to stay happily in love with you”…

Now tell me, how can that act not be hate when you have not even killed your enemies yet but the love of your life has killed you? With new ways of love come new ways of hatred.